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From HORSE we present you the Fizz Bartenders coctails, specialists in bartending in Spain. The prestigious bartender Hector Henche made this gourmet catering in 2006 with the goal of bringing the cocktail to the client as a modern drink for every palate. Fizz Bartenders organizes services for events and private parties with a bar and personalized cocktails according to your requests and tastes. You ask for and they create the experience! In Horse we suggest four of their delicious recipes.

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RECIPE ‘Thai Cooler

– 6 cl. of lemon

– 9cl. of gum

– 5 cl. of vodka

– 5g. of citronella

– 1.5 gr. of basil

– 4 cl. of coconut water roasted

– 2 cl. of Ginger Ale


First we beat the citronella with basil and lemon and and filtering it out fine. Then, in a cocktail shaker, add the gum, the lemon with citronella and badil, the vodka and coconut water roasted that we previously filtre. Filled with ice and beat with energy. We serve it in a jar of jam and we add plenty of crushed ice. Finish with Ginger Ale. Decorate with a dehydrated lime.


RECIPE ‘Aloepolitan

– 1 cl lime juice

– 2cl of gum

– ¼ Granny Smith apple

– 6 cl of grape juice and Aloe Vera (Focus)

– 2 cl of G’Vine (gin with alcohol grape base)

– Branch of Aloe Vera to decorate


First of all fill with crushed ice the Martini cup in which we will serve our cocktail. Introduce into a cocktail shaker one centiliter of lime juice, two centilitres of gum and ¼ of Granny Smith apple, We smash up until the apple has push out all its juice. Add six centilitres of grape juice and aloe vera and two centilitres of G’Vine and fill with ice rocks; beat energetically until liquid get very cold. We serve our drink in martini glass we have previously cooled by passing the mixture through a fine filter. We decorate our cocktail with a branch of Aloe Vera.


RECIPE ‘Andrea Chenier

– 2.5 cl of The Macallan 1824 Series ‘Amber’

– 2 cl of water

– 2.5 cl of orange juice

– 1.5 cl of lemon juice

– 5 g of butter

– 1 c.c. of sugar

– 1/2 cinnamon stick

– 0.2 cl. vanilla

– 1 pc. of lemon peel

– 1 pc. of orange peel


First, put the orange juice, lemon juice, sugar and mineral water in a pot to boil. After approximately few minutes, we add The Macallan ‘Amber’, the lemon and orange peel, vanilla and cinnamon stick. Then we add unsalted butter so that it go getting rid by the heat of the preparation. Mix everything well until the result is homogeneous. We incorporate the result of the cocktail in a teapot with dry ice to cool down and finally we present it in a glass with ice, accompanied by orange peel and cinnamon stick.


RECIPE ‘Medusa La Guardiana

– 3 cl. of The Macallan 1824 Series ‘Amber’

– 18 g. of raspberries

– 25 g. of honey

– 25 g. of leemos

– 5 g. of rosemary

– 1 cl. of gum


To begin, we beat raspberries with lemon, honey and rosemary, and later filter this mixture well. We reserved. In a cocktail shaker we add The Macallan ‘Amber’, gum and the preparation we have done. Shake the mixture using the cocktail shaker and plenty of ice and serve the result in a long drink. Finally, we decorate our cocktail with a small branch of rosemary, previously smoked in order to her scent lasts.