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There is no science or wisdom more accurate than that which resides in our own body. That internal clock that subconsciously knows what happens to us and what we need. Resting properly is one of the essential elements in our day to day; sleep to recharge batteries and face a new day. Disconnect to give time to our body. And this is something that in many occasions we do not fulfill;

Routines and bad habits lead to stress, few hours of sleep, causing poor physical and mental health. Long working hours force us to perform without the necessary time to recover energy, making it impossible to do an excellent job. Faced with this, many companies, in the same way that they can have a childcare service, so that the children of employees spend the morning or afternoon, also have relaxation areas where you can take a nap. Doctor Eduard Estivill and his daughter doctor, Carla, have already dealt with theimportance of sleep, and their knowledge is reflected in the book The Tokei Method.

The Tokei Method focuses on key elements to improve sleep. For example, the control of schedules is fundamental, getting up and going to sleep at the same time and getting the body used to them.

A method they were already aware of in Asian antiquity, trying to respect nature’s schedule and live in harmony with it. Get up with the sun, do some sport and have breakfast to activate the body. During the night, try not to eat too much dinner and disconnect from the technologies that surround us and, thus, fall asleep as soon as possible. Throughout the day, the workload can be exhausting, and there is nothing like resting for 20 or 30 minutes to get back to work. For this, we find more and more places, hotels and restaurants, where their offer is to sleep the siesta. This practice, in Japan, is well known, and for years it has been carried out in western areas.

Siesta & Go: disconnection in the center of the capital city

Within the hustle and bustle of Madrid, in the financial area of Azca and very close to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, is Siesta and Go. The first napping place in the country, offering relaxation in the middle of a non-stop city. The small place has a variety of rooms: single, double, shared with bunk beds, recommending attendees to rest between 30 minutes and 1 hour.


The Siesta and Go space offers short breaks with a choice of single or shared rooms. In a simple way, the shared rooms have curtains to sleep in privacy. In addition, they also have armchairs, where you can relax while reading in a quiet way.

If guests need more time to sleep, they only have to ask for it at the reception desk, and they will wake them up at the appointed time. As for alarm clocks and the sound of cell phones, they are prohibited, and the receptionists are the ones who are in charge of everything to bring customers to comfort. In addition, they also have quiet spaces where they can work before or after the break.

Optimi Rooms: futuristic rooms

Three years ago Optimi Roomsarrived in Bilbao, a capsule hotel, recognized in Eastern countries, but here its design is slightly different. When we talk about them, those small and narrow niches where people rest individually come to mind. The cramped space can make people prefer other types of accommodation, so Optimi Rooms designed it with much larger dimensions.


Optimi Rooms seeks to offer a different experience, recreating a comfortable and innovative space. Large individual and shared capsules that come equipped with multimedia screens and renewable ventilation.

Capsules single or double XL, looking for physical and mental comfort. In addition, its minimalist design plays with the futuristic appearance. Making visitors imagine they are inside a spaceship, surrounded by white and blue lights. For napping options, they offer 3 hours to choose from within the afternoon slot.

The Lobster Roll + Napuccino Corner: connecting food and napping

This summer, relaxation and restaurants came together in Barcelona through Napuccino Cornerand The Lobster Roll. The small boxes offered by Napuccino allow customers to rest individually for an hour after enjoying their meal. The space is fully protected and surrounded by wood. Small cubicles, but with enough width to stretch out and be able to recover energy after a short nap..


The rest hour is free of charge and is included with the lunch menu. A simple and individual space that seeks to comfort the body after lunch.

Upon acquiring the premises to open The Lobster Roll, the owners already found the structures to place the seating area. And following and betting on them has been a luxury. Many workers from nearby companies are preparing to taste the lobster sandwiches, typical in the United States, and then rest before returning to work. A break of 20 or 30 minutes is necessary to reactivate the body and mind.

NH Collection Barcelona: connecting with oneself through sleep   

The big cities welcome hundreds and hundreds of visitors throughout the year. Travelers who spend a few days discovering the history that surrounds them, gaining new experiences, but spending energy. In the same way that workers must move around the city because of work and team meetings during the day. To counteract this accumulating fatigue, through applications such as Dayuse, you can find hotels that offer to relax for a few hours. In the case of Barcelona, the NH Collection has a wide offer in the heart of the Ciudad Condal.


NH Collection Barcelona has high-level facilities. Comfort and relaxation without leaving Barcelona. In addition to being very well located, facilitating the arrival and visits to guests.

Surrounded by Las Ramblas, Passeig de Gràcia, Casa Batlló or l’Arc de Triomf, NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderón, NH Barcelona Diagonal Center and NH Collection Barcelona Pódium are some of the great hotels in which to stay a few hours a day. Choosing from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, guests can rest in spacious double rooms. In addition, you can always count on free cancellation. In this way, in case of any complication or delay, the room can always be canceled free of charge. Rest for a few hours to discover a city that enchants, and find facilities with a luxury service.

Images courtesy of Siesta & Go, Optimi Rooms, Napuccino Corner, NH Collection Barcelona.

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