Cause‘ is just the name of the second sample that connects in an inspirational way gastronomy with the world of art in the restaurant LomoAlto LomoBajo.

An exhibition that focuses on finding the perfect excuse to hold a celebration and to simply remind us that we have people in our environment wanting to share time but, above all, food. This is the concept around which ‘Cause’ revolves, a collection of works created by the artist from Barcelona Judit Canal, represented by Artig Gallery, specialized in illustration and with a degree in fashion design, which will be open until February 15th at Calle Aragó, 283-285 Barcelona.

‘Cause’ is a work created exclusively for the gourmet sandwich bar specialized in matured meats, LomoBajo, composed of six pieces of ceramics (one glass, three plates and two bowls) and five aprons. It reaches to create a total connection between art and gastronomy: “I have called this collaboration ‘Cause’ because on many occasions I have drawn spaces; in some cases, kitchens or large tables that would be the ’cause’ of meetings. Food in this case is the factor that unites everything “, explains the artist.

The chef Carles Tejedor making the sandwich “El Cubano de Judit” (Judit’s Cuban) together with the artist

Her pieces are a joyous confrontation in which textures of different materials such as fabrics, ceramics, embroidery and even acrylic illustrations are added: “To give life to this encounter, to this cause, I wanted to look for elements and objects that could remind the Mediterranean cuisine and, in turn, crafts. Hence the need to use materials such as cotton and ceramics. The fabric and aprons, show the handmade and the zero kilometer of fashion, recovering the concept of unique clothing while fleeing the crowds. And in the case of food and ceramics understood as a slow process, it makes me think of the philosophy that returns with firm step, the slow food “, says Judit.

Some of the ceramic pieces made by Judit Canal

Throughout all the time of the exhibition, you can taste a sandwich created exclusively for ‘Cause’.

“Judit’s Cuban” is the name of the sandwich created by Carles Tejedor, renowned chef and gastronomic director of LomoBajo, to honor the artist by taking inspiration from her collection but, above all, her art.

Judit’s Cuban, made with lots of ripened veggies and veal

The ingredients are: pickled cucumber, fresh cilantro, lemon juice, orange juice, cheese, cumin, garlic, veal, mustard and fresh mint with black bread.
A gourmet combination that as he explains “brings a lot of vegetables in memory of the Cuban culture of which Judit is passionate. In this case we have also included veal, one of the meats that the artist likes the most,” explains the chef.

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