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Discover the 10 tips to get your gifts right this Christmas season

This Christmas will be a little different from the previous ones, but that does not mean that we should not have a detail with our friends and family. In this post we propose 10 tips to surprise this Christmas with very different options. Some to relax, others to taste, but at the end of the day to enjoy.

1. Marsault handcrafted candles

Marsault manufactures high-end candles from recycled champagne bottles. From an environmentally friendly point of view, it aims to combine the passion for wine with craftsmanship. Thanks to upcycling they can give a second life to champagne bottles. It is a very new company, founded in June 2020 by two brothers and sisters.

Not only the glass is recycled, but its content is also ethical. It does not contain beeswax, is soy, therefore, free of animal cruelty. The wick is made from maple wood and its fragrance is phthalate- and CMR-free.


Candles in three available formats: half bottle, bottle and magnum.

As for their products, they have a fixed range of two aromas:  Côtes des blancs (fresh herb, fig, violet) and Montagne de Reims (vanilla, orange, white musk). They have three different formats, half bottle(160g/35h), bottle(300g/35h) and magnum(650g/50h). The latter comes inside a Champagne oak box, made by the region’s last cooper Jérôme Viard..


Limited edition candle made with transparent bottles

Apart from their permanent range, they also sell a limited seasonal edition: “La Champenoise”, made with transparent bottles and its scent changes every new season. Currently this candle has a woody aroma mixed with fruity and green notes with incense. A set of aromas reminiscent of this French region.

2. Kausi by Gastón y Daniela Masks

 With the pandemic, face masks have become a necessity in our daily lives. There are all kinds of masks with an infinite number of designs.

The textile decoration firm Kausi collaborated with the fan brand Gaston and Daniela in a collection of face masks in July with its great success, they wanted to extend it.

This time, they have changed the fans for masks, thus launching a limited collection of three models of Kausimasks: mikado, deauville and versalles with the prints of the fans.


Kausimasks models versailles mikado and deauville

The mikado model is inspired by Japanese culture with a gueisha print. As for the blue valleys model, it is based on the French countryside and blue was the favorite color of Marie Antoinette, who even turned it into a national symbol. Finally, the deauville model has an equestrian spirit, with a print where you can see amazons, representing feminine power and freedom.

Apart from the models in collaboration with Gaston and Daniela, the Kausimasks range is more broad with different designs that can also be purchased in packs. Their prints are so varied that there are stars, butterflies, different insects, flowers, geometric prints, tartan, tie dye, plain… there are even children’s masks.


Cassiopeia, Butterfly and Big Dipper models. The pack contains the Bichos mask.

To be able to remove the mask without the risk of losing it, they have created four colored silk cords with metallic clasps to be worn around the neck and prevent the mask from getting lost.

 The Kausimasks are handmade in Spain. They are not a sanitary product, but have two layers, an outer layer of microfiber 86 techno-sanitary and an inner layer of 100% cotton. Its finishes are FFP2: breathable, water-repellent, antibacterial and reusable. Its effectiveness does not vary until 25 washes. It also has a button on the elastic bands that allows to regulate and adjust it better.

Each unit has a price of 18€, the pack with the 3: 42€ and the silk cord: 10€.  They are available on their web.

3. Code BCN Experience

An ideal gift for mystery and adventure lovers is the Treasure Hunt in Barcelona by CodeBcn. This is a personalized treasure hunt that allows you to explore the most mysterious corners of the old town of Barcelona with the aim of finding a hidden treasure. This activity can be done in groups of two to five people, and children from 11 years old. There is the normal option, for you and your friends, the family option and the new competitive mode in which two teams of 6 to 12 people will fight to find the treasure first.


Discover the most mysterious places in the center of Barcelona with CodeBcn

Its price ranges from 22€ to 40€ depending on the number of people in the group, the more, the cheaper it is per person. Its duration ranges from two to two and a half hours and is performed in the outdoors, the mask is mandatory and the objects are disinfected before each group. The schedule is from Monday to Friday from 18:30, Saturdays 16:30h and Sundays 10:30h. You can book and have more information in their web.

4. Serotonin Studio

An unbeatable way to generate wellness and feel good is through exercise, but sometimes time is an impediment because sometimes it is difficult to make time for fitness. In Barcelona we find the Serotonin Studio, which is not a conventional gym, but offers fresh workouts while adapting to the agenda of its customers.

In Serotonin you can practice many disciplines such as yoga, pilates, boxfit or dance. But it also offers other less known modalities such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); the barre, a routine inspired by elements of ballet, yoga and pilates or TRX a training based on doing exercises in suspension.


Façade of Serotonin in Muntaner 519  and example of the activities that are carried out.

In addition, it has a large staff of coaches focused on one or more disciplines practiced. In its web you can  see, meet and choose who you want to do the class with from the 13 coaches, there is  Mireia Borrás (@mireiabebalance), official Nike coach, Eleonora (@bodyflyingbcn) who conducts yoga and barre classes or Leo (@leomovesbcn) who is the dance instructor. Serotonin Studio complies with hygiene and safety regulations and is a safe space as its classes have limited capacity.

Recently, Serotonin TV has been launched, a way to train with Serotonin from home. To participate you must book through the web and you have 7 days free trial. In addition, if it is very difficult to combine it with other tasks, you can request the class in different.


Example of a yoga class

This Christmas from Serotonin have launched different gift options. There are the packs of fitness classes (pack starter3 classes 42€, pack sport 5 classes 65€ and pack combo 3 classes for you and 3 for the other person 68€). There are also training kits such as the yoga kit (mat, cork block, non-slip towel and strap for 75€) or the fitness kit (mat, fabric resistance band, non-slip towel, a pair of weights to choose between 2 and 3 kg for 85€). To purchase them you must contact by email (, in the same way as the gift packs, which must also include the name of the person who will receive the gift and where the card will be sent. For more information see their website.

Address of Serotonin Studio: Muntaner, 51 (Barcelona)

5. The Organic Spa

The pandemic has made us live moments of many different emotions, many of them negative. To relax, remove stress and increase well-being, there is the best Thai spa in Spain: The Organic Spa in Madrid. A spa based on maximum respect for the environment and animals following the controls. Zero List (clean and natural cosmetics).

This Christmas you can give the gift of a massage or ritual, individually, as a couple or with friends, with a price of 70 to 300€ per person. It can be purchased through its web, telephone 91 577 56 70 or email Also in the form of a digital gift card, which is received in the cell phone in a personalized way.


Interior of The Organic Spa

Some of their options are: the Royal Thai Experience of 4 hours duration and 550€ in couple and 300€ alone. A relaxing ritual that transports you to a luxury getaway to Thailand that among other things has a Balinese-inspired massage of 90 minutes or a lightening lotus flower facial treatmentalso 90 minutes.

This lightening lotus flower facial treatment is priced at 120€ and lasts 90 minutes. It is an illuminating treatment based on sacred lotus that rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck and décolleté instantly and lasts several days. In addition, the treatment can be continued at home with a total of 12 products. It is a winter beauty-must that was awarded best treatment by the Global Beauty Awards 2018.

Address of The Organic Spa: Lagasca, 90 (Madrid)

6. Atelier Barcelona

For pastry lovers, a good gift option can be a course at l’Atelier Barcelona. There are many types, of different durations and adapted to different levels.

There is a course of initiation to pastry that runs from January to April 2021, ideal for exploring the world of pastry. Its schedule is Friday from 16:30 to 19:30h. (price 840€ plus didactic material 120€).

In addition, there are professional training courses, or intensive 100×100 hands-on courses. For people who have less time there are intensive courses like the Bollería de l’Atelier, in four days you can learn the emblematic and seasonal recipes of L’Atelier. This one starts on December 31 and ends on January 31, from Tuesday to Friday (from 19/01).


Pastry cooks at L’Atelier making pandoro

With the same price is the practical course Classic Cakes Update. Its price is 600€ and it is given from March 11 to May 6 on Thursdays from 16:30 to 19:30h. In this course you will learn how to make classic cakes modernized by L’Atelier, such as the Sacher cake or the Massini.

If you want to enjoy pastries without having to cook them, a good option is to buy the Christmas proposals of l’Atelier, such as the different Panettone (30-36€) they make, as well as the Pandorofilled Panettone (18-24€). We can also find the turrones with surprising shapes, such as the Eixample barcelonés tracing (17,50-19,50€). If you want to show solidarity, there is the Open Arms nougat (17,50€) of which 50% of sales will be donated.


Nougats with different shapes and a cone decorated like Santa Claus

If so much variety makes it difficult to choose, there are the gift boxes with three different options (80-120€).

For Epiphany they also make their delicious roscones, there is the classic (30€), and the filled with cream, truffle or burnt cream (35€). This year the novelty is the Roscón de Reus filled with hazelnut praline, salted carameland Azélia chocolate(35€).

Address of l’Atelier Barcelona: Viladomat, 140 bis

7. Fossier, Maison du Biscuit Rose

If you are a fan of the color pink or know someone who is, Fossier is the best choice. This is a food company known for its Rheims pink cookies, which they sell in different formats, in a bag, in a cardboard box, in a metal box and they even sell a pack to make them at home. Another option to give as a gift, although not pink, is the sachet of pralines in the shape of a plug(4,90€ to 23,50€ depending on its weight).


Pralines in the form of plugs and two samples of different packs of pink cookies from le Fossier

Besides their pink cookies, they sell macarons, carquinyolis, meringues or different types of butter cookies. As well as madalenas, gingerbread, chocolate, jams, tea, honey. They also make salty pancakes and sell champagne ratafia, champagne, different types of pâté, asparagus cream, mustard or vinegar. All products can be purchased through their web.

8. Lay’s Gourmet Nougat with Albert Adrià

The chef Albert Adrià likes to surprise and even more so when it comes to combining magic and pastry. This is why he has presented a Lay’s Gourmet Nougat. Thus the unmistakable flavor of Lay’s Gourmet can not only be in appetizers, but also in snacks in the form of nougat..


Lay’s Gourmet Nougat made by Albert Adrià

This product is handmade by combining toasted macadamia praline, chocolate, caramel, salt and Lay’s Gourmet potato chips. Lay’s wants to “create unrepeatable and memorable moments to enjoy and share in special situations such as Christmas”.


Albert Adrià working with his creation

Thus, Lay’s Gourmet makes the leap into haute cuisine with this innovative limited edition. It does not do it alone, but does it with none other than the best pastry chef by The World’s 50 Best in 2015, Albert Adrià. He currently runs seven restaurants and a patisserie, among them, there are four with a Michelin star.

This unique nougat can be purchased in supermarkets and on its web..

9. “Let Them Cook”.

If you have children at home and want to introduce them to the art of cooking, the book “Que Cocinen Ellos” is ideal for you.

This initiative highlights the fact that during the confinement we have perfected some hobbies, but also to discover new ones. One of the most practiced has been cooking.


Book cover and Greg Ross cooking with his daughter.

Precisely this project was thought up during this period by Greg Ross, a French photographer based in Catalonia who also has a professional cooking degree from the ESAH hotel school in Seville. Ross wanted to write this recipe book after spending a lot of time with his daughter in the kitchen.


Greg Ross,author of the book, cooking with his daughters

This book includes 40 recipes from around the world and is written in Spanish and French. In addition, 27 families participated by contributing their ideas.

The book has solidarity purposes, 18% of its sales will go to Save the Children. It can be purchased on their web, as well as apron to complete the chef’s outfit. In addition, there is a  online cooking course to go further in the culinary facet.

Images courtesy of: Marsault, Kausi, Ultimate Ears, CodeBcn, Serotonin Studio, The Organic Spa, L’Atelier de Barcelona, Le Fossier, Lay’sGourmet, EverythinkPR

10. Ultimate Ears Speakers

The fact of being more time at home means that we have had to accommodate even more to it, and what better than with music. Ultimate Ears presents its different proposals to surprise this Christmas. In Spain you can buy them at Amazon, Fnac, K-tuin, The Corte Inglés, Intecat and Mediamarkt..

Its biggest bet is the Hyperboom, the most powerful and loudest speaker of its brand. In addition, it can be connected with other speakers of the brand with the PartyUp function in the Boom app. This speaker is priced at €399.


Megaboom, Hyperboom, Boom 3 and Wonderboom

In a smaller size is the Megaboom 3, a portable and Bluetooth speakerphone with great sound. In addition, it is waterproof and dustproof. Its price is 209€.

With similar features but a smaller size we can find the Boom 3 that allows controlling the music through a simple touch. Its smaller size facilitates its transport. This speaker is priced at 155€.

The smallest speaker is the Wonderboom 2. Despite its size it has a very powerful sound, and along with the others is waterproof and dustproof. If paired with another Wonderboom 2 you can achieve stereo sound. It is the most economical speaker with a price of 99,99€.