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The Can Fusté restaurant was founded in June 1973 and since then, its main objective has been to work with top quality products, respecting the seasons and what nature has to offer without forcing its fruit at a time that does not correspond to it.

After 48 years on the Barcelona gastronomic scene, they maintain the success of a traditional meal thanks to their best recipe: professionalism and affection in equal parts;

You will feel at home 

This establishment envelops us with the warmth of its atmosphere. The wooden tables and the glasses on the white tablecloths transport us to the comfort we feel when we eat at home. A decorative ensemble that translates into efficiency, quality and simplicity. As they say in the restaurant, “you will feel at home”;

Can Fusté has the option of private dining rooms for 10 and 22 diners respectively in each room, for those who want to feel that they are dining in a more intimate atmosphere and only with their surroundings. In fact, the restaurant could be described as “professionalism and affection“, as no two days are ever the same, they can be similar but not the same;

Five dishes you must try at Can Fusté 

According to María Plaza, these are the dishes she recommends if you come to Can Fusté for the first time.

– Our Jamón Ibérico de Bellota from our reserve in Guijuelo is our emblem, if you come for the first time you have to try it.

– Today it competes with another starter, our “Bonito zuke“, which is tuna from our coast with rocoto (spicy), coriander sprouts and chilli strands (a nod to Japanese cuisine).

left: Zuke tuna from the coast, Rocoto, Cilantro Sprouts; right: Iberian Acorn-fed Ham from our reserve. Photographs: Alvaro Laforet.

Upside down egg with creamy potato skin, meat juice and panko breading.

– And lastly, Fish from the day’s catch, fresh and not “flaked”.

– If you don’t like fish, another option is Callos Tradicionales “de mi madre”.

Traditional gastronomy is what invades Can Fusté.

In the menu we find the perfect union point between traditional and avant-garde food, presenting rich and aesthetically well presented dishes, transporting diners to the typical “grandmother’s house”. In fact, Can Fusté makes reference to traditional food in the menu starting with the title “lo de toda la vida…”, referring to its history through the kitchen;

Wild sea bass Donosti style with trinxat de la Cerdanya. Photography: Alvaro Laforet.

You can tell that the design of the dishes has been the result of a conjunction between the chef and the owners of the restaurant. The result is a professional menu adapted to the profile of the clientele.

The chef calls the shots

Like an orchestra without a conductor, a restaurant cannot play its sonata without a chef. Isaac Aragall is the one who shapes these dishes day after day.

Russian salad from our Chefita. Photography: Alvaro Laforet.

Chef Isaac Aragall explains:

“Cooking at Can Fusté makes me feel proud, I have the good fortune to work with the highest quality from the best Catalan fish markets, and to adapt them with modern techniques and procedures”.

Isaac Aragall feels at home creating traditional dishes for Can Fusté. In fact, he tells us that mixing tradition with the originality of the avant-garde is one of the things he likes most. In the end, the menu is the result of one of Can Fusté’s mottos: “Work and more work”.

The perfect situation

Several celebrities have eaten at this restaurant, and no wonder. Imagine you’ve just come out of a match at the Camp Nou, with emotions running high, and you’ve got a table booked at Can Fusté. And imagine that at the next table, you find Gerard Piqué with all the naturalness in the world with his plate of traditional food;

Maria Plaza showing the book: Anyone’s Life

Well, it wouldn’t be so strange, as he is not the only visitor to the restaurant. Carles Puyol, Josep María Bartomeu, Jordi Evolé, Sandro Rosell, Ter Esteguen among others, have left the restaurant with a smile on their faces;

María Plaza, manager of Can Fusté, explains how the restaurant started:

“When the restaurant opened, the fact that we were very close to the Camp Nou was a big attraction, and word soon spread that we were doing very well”.

She herself is the one we see in the photographs holding her own book “Everyone’s Life“. This book tells how people are connected in one way or another, it is a guide to personal style and lifestyle in which she talks about how coincidences can be magical.

With this set of elements, flavours and ambience, what more could you ask for. In the end, you’re not paying for lunch or dinner, you’re tasting an experience.

Address: Barcelona, located at number 50-52 on Gran Vía de Carlos III.