February is a special month, filled with romanticism, passion and lovers, ¿what about its background? The best proposal is Miami, a city with high lovely expectations to experiment as a couple.

This year’s third most romantic city of the world, Miami offers thousands of possibilities and situations you should enjoy with company. The city is ready for your arrival, or so claims Miami  and the Beaches, the official holiday guide, who has prepared a few perfect days to enjoy together as a couple, such as beaches, parks, restaurants, events…

We reccomend  Hotel Victor South Beach and Hotel Breakwater South Beach, for accomodation. They have special offers until February 29th for couples, and they are both very vell located, all along the centric area of South Beach; with plenty of places to visit. Both hotels offer a Prosecco bottle and chocolate dipped strawberries to start off your Miami trip on the right foot.

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HBREAKWSunsets and sunrises are the starting point of any to-do list, and you’ll find parks and beaches all over the city to lay under the rising and falling iconic tropical sun.

A beach stroll may be typical, but that doesn’t make it inadequate or useless. Golden sand and calm waves, long conversations and the intoxicating feeling of your partner’s hand over yours. We’ll let you choose the time of the day you want to wander around the beach, since a picnic sounds great; but a midnight stroll under the moonlight should be greatly considered: you can walk through the Homestead shore to Sunny Islands.

sunny isles

Terraces and rooftops are a valuable option as well, since a panoramic view of Miami is a memory no one will be able to take away from you and that will last for a long time in your memory. For instance, the Hotel Townhouse, placed in South Beach rooftop promises sushi, delicious wine and an excelent view. Instead, if you’d rather a more ambicious plan, you’ll find an outdoors heated pool with underwater music, private cabins and plush sofas at the Hotel Perry South Beach. You can enjoy the moonlight and cocktails in this wonderful rooftop; the perfect scenery for you and your partner.

rooftopTOWN1PERRYSOUTHIf what you’re really into are adventures, a trip through the sky, hundreds of miles away from the city, is a safe bet. Go to  Miami Balloon Rides to enjoy Everglades, Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in a hot-air balloon.
The trip starts at sunrise, and after hours of adventures you can finish the ride in a picnic they offer afterwards, with a champagne glass. And even if you’d like to get engaged in such a special trip, they also have themed ballons with banners where you can ready “¿Will you marry me?

Traverse the beaches, houses and parks in a bicycle: a great deal of places are waiting for you. Northem or Aventura are the best choices for this, since they feature special cycling lanes all along the coastline.

For those who’d rather go out at sea, the lover’s boat is the confirmation of romanticism on board, the cruises towards it are ever so typical, allowing navigation through sunrise or sunset; always with a champagne glass by your side and the city’s skyline all around you.

If you’re looking for quietness and isolation, choose River Grass, the Everglades National Park. You, him and thousands of birds, crocodiles or alligators will be your companions.
You can always get a guided tram trip to see the best in town, or simply walk by yourselves discovering the area on your own.
Kayaking or canoeing will always be a good option to enjoy the experience of an adventure filled lover’s day in Miami.varios

What can’t be missed at some point is relax. It’s a trip for two, with ensured fun and good company, but the relaxing moments can be some of the most satisfying times. That’s where Spa for two comes in.

You probably have heard of this hotel before,  Mandarin Oriental’s Spa, a great choice where you can go to any of their therapies, a VIP suite and views to the Biscayne Bay.


The Standard, a renouned and well-praised spa that features hydrotherapy elements: shower columns, roman cascades, finnish vapor rooms or Arctic inmersion pools. They even offer beach yoga, acupunture and meditation with a group guide.

the standard 1

Jurlique Spa is probably the most organic and holistic spa of them all; which offers therapies in Mayfair Hotel’s suite, where the spa is located; such as parafine treatments, scrubs or facial masks.

jurlique 1
The key element to a romantic escapade is a good restaurant. Miami offers original blends of different food styles, just as a dreamy surrounding. These are the proposals located in Miami Beach.

Juvia is the perfect option to enjoy the sunset in an original blend of peruvian, japanese and french food.J03Cecconi’s, italian, is placed in the Soho Beach House garden, with delicious and sophisticated food. Nevertheless, its biggest appeal falls in the decoration of the place: you’ll be surrounded with all kinds of lights, shining mason jars or beautiful lamps decorating the tables; which are just a great example of the perfect scenery for a memorable night.IMG_0422_copy_new

Lastly, Villa Azur, makes a great mix of european, french mediterranean cuisine with a subtle italian twist. Filled bookshelves and exquisite furniture are key to a utopian dining room, glamourous but with a homely flair, that’s a fundamental part to its appeal.

M. Dining Room

February still isn’t over, and its link to the city makes it a safe destiny. Create your timetable, pick out the best out of our proposals and choose your favorite activities and hotels; and one sunrise at least.