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France is famous around the world for its rich heritage in the printmaking art. This is why Le coq sportif pays tribute to this technique getting inspiration form the artworks of the painter and illustrator Gustave Doré for the design of the limited edition of the LCS R950 and the Wendon Tech Levity for this summer 2016 season.

This 19th Century prodigy, especially known by his wood works, he was a multifaced artist that also worked in painting, sculpture and drawing and made history by having drawn numerous stories and fables. Le Coq Sportif has wanted to pay tribute of his work through this exceptional series in jacquard.

The fable “The fox and crow” has been selected to decorate the LCS R950, while his drawings for the “The Red  Riding Hood” have inspired a modern version of the Wendon, the Wendon Levity.

le coq2 LCS R950 Model, inspired in the “The fox and the crow” fable

le coqWendon Levity model, inspired in the “Red Riding Hood” storie

le coq3 le coq4 le coq5 le coq6

The pack Gravure Jacquard pack, with a sole that shows each of the illustrated stories, will be available this month of April in and selected stores.