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The sun, disinfectants such as chlorine from the swimming pool, sea salt and temperature changes are the main culprits of dryness, breakage and hair loss.

The Hair Mist gives you this personal scent, caring for and moisturising your hair at the same time. Thisfusion of perfume and practicality, is the best component to leave a trace with your hair, as conventional hair perfume is not the right one to apply. With the Hair Mist you will have all the characteristics of a serum or hair elixir, together with a perfume that gives you that essence.

CARNER, Tardes Hair Mist: the essence of summer in your hair

The Hair Mist by Carner follows the “clean beauty” trend and wraps the hair in asulphate-free scent, taking care of your hair with natural products.


Hair mist “evenings” by Carner.

This hair mist sprays your hair in a pure and warm fragrance. As the name says, it is inspired by the combination of the coolness of the breeze and the warmth of the sun on a summer afternoon.

The base of the perfume is the aroma of Venezuelan Tonka Bean. The following olfactory notes of the hair mist are then introduced. These include the woody notes of Virginia cedar, Egyptian geranium, Bulgarian rose and almond.

Price per 50ml: 50,00€.

nº5 LE PARFUM CHEVEUX: the elegance of a Hair Mist

The hair mist nº5 Le Parfum Cheveux will be an ally in your summer toiletry bag. This hair mist will not only bring softness, but also brightness to your hair thanks to its formula enriched with a new active ingredient of rose and jasmine.


Hair Mist nª5 Le Parfum Cheveux by Chanel.

This mist is alast touch of seduction to diffuse the delicate scent of N°5 on the hair. The mist is collected in a transparent frosted bottle, storing this wonderful formula in a small bottle.

Price per 35ml: 52€.

Carolina Herrera: Good Girl Hair Mist 

The Good Girl hair mist was born in July 2016. This reinvention of the milestone original perfume, is launched with the aim of bringing you the shine and perfume that summer threatens to take away from your hair. This mist for velvety manes will cover your hair with hydration and volume.

This hair mist, like the perfume bottle, is alsoshaped like a heel. Carolina Herrera did not randomly give the bottle this silhouette. Carolina Herrera’s haute couture heelrepresents strength and elegance, making it a metaphor for standing out and stepping up, whatever the path.

With both the perfume and the hair mist you will leave your mark in fragrance format. Both products highlight the personality of the person who applies them, as no two skins are the same.


Hair mist Good Girl by Carolina Herrera.

The sweet qualities of jasmine add a touch of femininity to the blend. At the same time, the perfume points towards seduction, so the combination of both elements creates this explosion of power in hair mist format. Good Girl alsorepresents the mysterious side of the Tonka scent, while coffee awakens that vitality that steals the darkness from the fragrant cocoa.

Price per 30ml:€ 40,50

Gucci Bloom: floral immersion in a bottle

Bloom perfume was born in 2017 but Gucci’s Gucci Hair Mist comes out in 2019. This fragrance nourishes the hair in a way that brings shine and intensity to your mane.

The perfume bottle already surrounded Gucci with a floral aura, and the hair mist captures all the scents of a flower garden: Spikenard and jasmine dance alongside the piscuala creeper plant. This plant is a rarity from South India, bringing mystery and exclusivity to the fragrance.


Hair Mist Bloom by Gucci.

The porcelain bottle conveys the sweetness and delicacy it contains. The powdery pink tone conveys innocence and elegance, values that Gucci also conveys with its fragrances.

Price per 30ml: 38,95€.

Versace: Dylan Turquoise Hair

The Versace perfume is born in 2020 together with the Hair Mist. Versace never lags behind trends and has revamped the famous Dylan Turquoise fragrance to formulate it as a hair mist. The commercial for the perfume conveys freshness and liveliness, the same elements conveyed by the mist.

It is very difficult to describe a scent in words, but it is like a cool bath in summer. On the one hand we have theexuberant and effervescent notes. The scent and the woody drops alter those drops of the perfume, accentuating them in a sensual way.

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Hair mist Dylan Turquoise by Versace.

Versace has chosen a combination of powdery blue and shimmering gold for the bottle colours. It describes summer, afternoons on the beach, laughter and the freshness of youth.

Price per 30ml: 45€.

J’ADORE Hair Mist: beauty in multiple facets

This long-lasting mist Dior and created by François Demachy , illuminates and moisturises the hair and contains all the olfactory benefits it brings to the hair.

All the luminous beauty of J’adore perfume is there, creating a multi-faceted beauty. The scent is a subtle trail that extends to infinity. The hair mist by J’Adior is born to give life to the manes of its hosts.

The gesture of perfuming one’s hair is as elegant as it is provocative. This mistmixes sensuality and femininity, creating a blend of mysterious elegance that evokes intrigue in those who smell it.


J’Adore Hair Mist by Dior.

The lively freshness of J’adore is due to the light composition of Sanguine Orange, which gives it juiciness and effervescence. On the other hand, Neroli de Grasse gives it that spicy greenness, and Rosa Damascena gives it that elegant and refreshing side.

Price per 40ml: 54,00€.

Balmain Hair Perfume: silk perfume

The fragrance is harmonious and fresh. It is infused with silk protein and Argan Elixir to nourish, repair and protect the hair. The fusion of the fragrance with the repairing Elixir combines protection for your hair and a long-lasting fragrance.

Premium brand Balmain has released a mist in honour of Paris Hair Couture. In honour of the name of the perfume, Balmain has focused the mist so that it not only smells but also nourishes the hair, thus achieving the silk effect it talks about.


Balmain hair perfume.

This fragrance has touches of anise, tarragon and pine that give the perfume body. The peach blossom, raspberry, apricot and orange blossom give the fragrance a fruity touch. Rose, clove, gardenia, lilac alba, jasmine and jasmine flower this luxurious blend proportionately and elegantly.

This perfume has evolved with a Parisian evaporator that helps to evenly apply the perfume to the hair. This applicator provides a fine veil of perfume on the hair, and a perfect fusion with each application.

Price per 100ml: 95€.


Images provided by the brands mentioned.