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Hawkers has become in a few years one of the most influential Spanish fashion brands internationally. The firm, which was born only in the digital environment, has been making its way with physical points of sale throughout the country. Although aimed at the general public, it is enhancing the quality and design of its sunglasses. A good example of this is its latest collection Sensory, which brings together some of the most trendy trends in the world of solar optics.

Futuristic design, acid colors and XXL frames

With Sensory Collection, the brand presents eight new models of unisex sunglasses, with striking silhouettes and a retro-futuristic touch. XXL glasses, acid-tinted lenses, floating or transparent frames and silhouettes inspired by 70s-80s aesthetics make up a collection that draws on influences such as vaporwave.

This collection is a statement of intent for Hawkers, as with it they enter much more into the world of fashion and trends, bringing to the public current, daring and nonconformist designs.


The Sensory Collection by Hawkers is inspired by retro-futurism.

Eight different models 

In total, Sensory brings together 8 different models of unisex sunglasses, although each one of them comes in different colors. 

Ejecta, Kuiper and Hayleg

Ejecta, Kuiper and Hyleg are the most irreverent models of the collection. All three in extra-large size. Ejecta is inspired by the retro-futurism of the 90s, with wide temples and semi-rimless frames. Kuiper goes even further back in time, specifically to the ’70s and ’80s. Very similar to Ejecta, in this case the single lens is mounted on a full tr90 front. With Hyleg the lines are sharpened. This goggle is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic aviator teardrop design.


Ejecta, Kuiper and Hyleg models (from top to bottom).

Faint, Icy y Gelid

Faint, Icy and Gelid introduce the color note to the collection. Likewise, the extra-large frames disappear and leave the lenses of bright colors to take center stage. The metal temples lighten the whole ensemble. Although with Faint the mask style and XXL size continue, both are toned down in Icy and Gelid. Icy is the most timeless, with a pantos style inspired by the 70s and 80s. While Gelid is the cat eye proposal of the collection, a contemporary and robust version of the 70s models. .


Faint, Icy and Gelid models (from top to bottom).

Moonly and Rimy

The Moonly and Rimy models abandon the single lens but return to the extra-large frame and temples that characterized the first models. Moonly is more rounded, while Rimy is an oversize version of the classic square sunglasses. 


Moonly (left) and Rimy (right) models in the different shades available.

You can find out more about the collection and other Hawkers news through their web.