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The Adrià brothers (Ferran &Albert) along with Guy Laliberté founder of the Cirque du Soleil, come together to create a new dining experience with music and art in the Ibiza Gran Hotel, located on the sea promenade of Ibiza. imageDivided into 3 parts:
TERRACE: A hippie and chic atmosphere, similar to the street food markets. With music, live performances and a popular cuisine with flavours from around the world, offering a unique experience for all senses. TERRAZA OKOKOK
Terrace OKOKOKOKTerrace
SUPPER: While you delight a meal with the Adrià seal, you can also enjoy the most avant-garde music with art performances in live, projects and visual stimuli. supper 4 imagenesSupper
CLUB HEART: A new and different music concept where the essence of the Ibiza 60s party merges with the current electronic music and the MTV unplugged of the 90s. There’s also live music from legendary bands incorporating DJ’s to make the most avant-garde trend. All this combined with visual performances, lights, shows and theme parties Club Heart will feature international DJs and live Cirque du soleil performancesClub Heart

Designed by the architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, it is combined by works of international artists managed by two prestigious galleries; “Ventana Contemporary Art” and “Art Projects Ibiza”.
TAKASHI MURAKAMI: Japanese contemporary artist. He has two of his artworks exposed. “Nehan” (2015), it is a circular relief composed of multiple layers of skulls sculpted in bronze. In the Buddhist philosophy it refers to a state of happiness.
Sage” (2014), it is depicting a Buddhist monk facing the decay and death. The painting was created in response to the disastrous earthquake in eastern Japan and the Tsunami in 2001. MURAKAMI-OKNean”                                                                           “Sage
MIGUEL CHEVALIER, pioneer of the visual and digital art. Since 1978, Chevalier has focused on computers as a tool of artistic expression.
Fractal Flowers” (2015), it is a way of expressing the virtual and interactive reality of the vegetal kingdom in 3D. The fractal flowers have different sizes, colours and shapes. These are created from autonomic virtual seeds that grow, fade and react to people. It is projected nightly, interacting with the human art performances and the music. It transports the audience to a magical world, in the heart of a mysterious virtual garden. “Liquid Pixels” (2015), an installation of interactive, generative and virtual reality, that honors the 1950 painting of Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis and Luis Feito. It is a colourful pixel skin that evolves autonomously. It detects motion and makes the colours mix and merge with the painting. This technique is called “electronic dripping”, viewers become a digital paintbrush with their own bodies. MIGUEL CHEVALIER-Fractal-Flowers-okFractal FlowersMIGUEL CHEVALIER-LIQUID PIXELS-2015-una piel de coloridos píxeles que evoluciona de forma autónomaLiquid pixels
GIM HONG SOK GIM: He studied sculpture at the Seoul National University and in the Kunst-Akademie of Düsseldorf, Germany. His works include videos, performances and facilities that have broken with the prejudices of the art viewers. At the entrance of Heart we see one of his sculptures of stainless steel.
Love” (2012), a tribute to the work of Indiana located in New York.
RAFAEL LOZANO-HEMMER: is an electronic artist that develops interactive installations which combines architecture and performance. Creates platforms to participate and interact with people.
Make Out” (2008), they are interactive screens with an integrated computerized tracking system that displays thousands of internet videos of couples. When it detects a silhouette in front of the screen, all the projections of couples begin to kiss until the silhouette goes away.
Kiss Curtain” (2015), it is another work of Rafael Lozano exposed in the Supper of the Heart. It is an interactive projection on a strip curtain. This program offers 2400 videos of different couples kissing. Each time the microphone detects a sound or movement through the curtain, it shows the couples projections and allows to sync it all with the rhythm of the music.
HEART_SUPPER2-273x273Kiss Curtain
JEPPE HEIN: Danish artist based in Berlin and Copenhagen. He is widely known for his creations of interactive and experimental art works. It could be defined as the intersection of art, architecture and technical inventions…
Double Enlightenment” (2014), composed of neon tubes, transformers, mirrors, aluminium and stainless steel. Two hemispheres of red and blue neon tubes are mounted on opposite sides of a circular mirror. These hang from the ceiling.
The English artist RICHARD LONG is a sculptor, photographer and painter. It is recognised as the pioneer of Land Art, and as one of the most prominent British artists. His works deal with the relationship between humans and nature.
Red Slate Circle” 1978 (with 41 stones and 360 cm in diameter). It is an installation made of slate pieces cut in various sizes, located in the ground as a circle of more than 3 meters wide. Richard Long leaves a mark, a sign referring to the balance between the patterns of nature and human formalism.
RichardLong-RedSlateCircle-1978-Red Slate Circle
DAN GRAHAM: is an American artist; video director, writer and music critic. He is a key figure of the conceptual art. He analyzes the behaviour and psychology of the audiences. “Sagittarian Girls” (2008), is a double-sided mirror and steel.
DAN GRAHAM-SAGITTARIAN GIRLS-2008-jpgSagittarian Girls
United Visual Artists (UVA): it is an art collective based in London and founded in 2013. Its aim is the union of different skills to evolve into new technologies as well as the use of different and new material.
Continuum”: white LED of steel and wood.
Passeig de Joan Carles I, 17 08007 Ibiza.
Booking through the website
Terrace and Supper from 21:00
Club from 24h.