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Hiru, the world’s first cross-platform eyetracking device, will allow you to pay, call an elevator or withdraw money from an ATM with just your gaze.

Today we can operate our technological devices with our hands or voice. However, in times of pandemic, contact with external surfaces is more limited and poses a certain risk of contagion. In order to avoid contact, can we also use our gaze to perform tasks on digital devices?

Spanish startup Irisbond has a solution. This company is located in San Sebastian and has launched Hiru, the world’s first cross-platform eyetracking device. In this way, Hiru (which in Basque means “three” as it is its third eyetracking device) can be compatible with all operating systems on different devices.

Eyetracking is the eye tracking technology that allows communication without any contact with the environment. This is possible thanks to software algorithms based on artificial intelligence that together with the hardware obtain the information from the gaze to provide access to information in a natural and intuitive way.

One product, different uses

An example of its use is that Hiru will allow manage applications and perform actions with your eyes, such as using an Android Tablet app. Likewise, it will be possible to take money out of an ATM, as well as pay in a store, call an elevator, go through the access control of a building. All these actions will be carried out only with the eyes, thus avoiding contact with any surface. This is a very valuable function, especially in times of pandemic. However, it is still at an early stage and according to Eduardo Jauregui, CEO and co-founder of Irisbond, he believes that “when this technology is democratized -something that, like any technology, will take time-, it will change the way people interact with their environment, substantially improving their quality of life“.


Detail of Hiru connected to a tablet

Hiru Applications

This technology can be applied in sectors such as neuromarketing, automotive, research, industry 4.0, Smart homes, robotics, health or education. At the moment, Irisbond is closing agreements for the application of this technology in the different areas mentioned above.

In the case of industry 4.0, it will allow an operator to access process information when he/she is on the production line with hands full or stained, optimizing the process, improving efficiency and reducing costs. This function can also be used in the automotive sector during vehicle assembly.

With respect to the field ofhealth, Hiru will allow surgeons during an operation to use a screen without using their hands.

In the education sector this eyetracking technology can also be used, so that teachers can use the computer screen with their eyes without having to approach the device to be able to pass the slides. Thus gaining time and efficiency.

As far as neuromarketing is concerned, Hiru will make it possible to better study where a person looks in order to better understand human behaviors.

Regarding commercialization, the product can be reserved through the website and will be available for shipment in January 2021. Hiru can be used on any type of computer or tablet. It works with Windows and it is being worked to make it also work with Apple’s operating system (iOS). Its price is at 1960€ and it is expected to include a support device.


Hiru with a Tablet

Irisbond, a pioneer in assistive technologies

We are very proud to present Hiru, our new device that will allow you to control any platform with your eyes. Thanks to Hiru, companies will be able to develop any type of initiative that requires the freedom to control any device with their eyes. This is, without a doubt, a giant step forward in eyetracking technology, mainly because it will improve key aspects such as costs, time or usability, offering solutions that are also suitable for people with reduced mobility. Thus creating a more inclusive world for everyone thanks to the natural communication system of human beings: the gaze,” says Eduardo Jauregui, CEO and co-founder of Irisbond.



Detail of HiruAll images and videos have been provided by Irisbond

This Basque startup collaborates with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to research techniques to improve its algorithms. In addition, it was one of the 8 startups awarded grants by the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).

Irisbond is a startup founded in 2013 by the engineer Eduardo Jauregui. It is one of a pioneering company in assistive technologies creating the first eyetracking software of 100% Spanish manufacture and development. Among its awards are  the “Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL” or the Discapnet Award from the ONCE Foundation for Accessible Technologies for its commitment to innovation that improves the lives of people with disabilities. One of its latest distinctions has been the Certificate of Excellence Seal COVID-19 awarded by the European Commission (EC). It has also won recognition from Samsung Dev Spain, for its Talk application that helps ALS patients communicate.


Hiru with its different accessories

Eyetracking, a booming market

The eye-tracking market is estimated to grow from $368 million today to $1098 million in five years, tripling its size.

This increase is due to the high demand from the health sector, especially in healthcare communication. As well as from the marketing sector, in which eyetracking allows to make personalized advertisements or to know the behavior of the audience.