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Renting a ‘villa’ where you can stay with family or friends, has become, more and more, a trend to be safer. Here are the three destinations that the Marriott International group presents for this summer.

Marriott is constantly expanding its horizons and they take into account above allthe great demand for privacy. Therefore, since 2019 they have boosted this possibility of renting premium and luxury private villas: from bungalows, huge castles, comfortable cabins, extensive villas, ski chalets or penthouses of with dizzying views to satisfy the consumer.

Would you like to travel to Greece, Finland or Cape Town and stay in a luxury house, very spacious and with 24-hour assistance service?

Marriott International, Greece

You can enjoy this wonderful destination renting one villa or another depending on the characteristics you are looking for and the people you are traveling with. For example, community villas are rented if you go two families or different groups of friends. As the following, which gives you the option to rent both villas at the same time. This villa starts from 800€ per night.


Marriott luxury villa in Greece.

You also have the option of renting villas with private or shared pool. The following villa highlights its private pool as an impeccable design element. If you want to enjoy these incredible facilities, you can do so from 290€ per night.


Private pool villa in Marriott Greece.

Another element that you can take into account is the surroundings. What do you prefer extreme tranquility, beachfront views, or being close to the center? The next villa that we propose has it clear, bet on the calm. You can enjoy the calm of this villa for 698€ per night.


Luxury villa in Greece by Marriott.

Mantsala, Finland

The situationin Finland is more exclusive, so if you need a spiritual retreat this villa will fulfill your travel expectations. Just be warned that if you like sports the villa has a private tennis court, for you, your travel companions and nature.

This wonderful wooden mansion will immediately take you to family movies. Those in which the whole family gathers and  drink a hot chocolate watching the sunset. This incredible villa is priced at 4,500€ per night.


Villa Marriott in Finland.

The villa pictured above is located in Kuusamo and has no less than  780 square meters. This one is ideal for families. Between being surrounded by forest and the combination of indoor facilities, they will make you forget about everything. This villa equipped with a sauna, billiards and arcade costs €1,875 per night.


Villa in Kuusamo by Mariott.

The villa we see below is to connect with your inner self. For starters, the location is often sighted Aurora Borealis, and the snowy landscape will give you that relaxation you need to disconnect from the routine.


Luxury villa in Finland by Marriott.

The facilities of the villa will play a starring role in this luxury getaway. Can you imagine taking a bath and watching the aurora borealis with a glass of wine?


Villa in Finland by Marriott.

This wonderful experience in Finland is priced at 4,600€ per night. But at Horse we are sure that the tranquility it will harbor within you is priceless.

Cape Town, South Africa

Marriott International is growing and expanding its horizons. New for 2021, they have pushed the possibility of renting private villas tomeet the demand in Southern Africa.

Villa Trendy is our first selection. This fantastic facility that sleeps up to 8 guests has 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. It is perfect for coming with family or friends to visit the area.It has its own wine cellar, cinema and gym.


Trendy Villa in Cape Town by Marriott.

A plus point is that the villa has fantastic facilities, and an added bonus is the sea views from the terrace. This experience in South Africa is priced at 9,312€ per night.

The Western Cape villa is love at first sight. Both views and infrastructures participate in a warm and harmonious atmosphere for a complete premium relaxation experience.


Marriott Western Cape Villa.

A  point in favor of this villa is that it has a lot of capacity to accommodate guests, since it can accommodate 10 people in total. You have to send an email to inquire about the price of this luxury experience, but we are sure they will get back to you quickly.

The Six Bedroom villa aesthetically looks like Charlie Sheen’s luxury mansion. Just as the name says it has 6 bedrooms and can accommodate 12 guests. So it would make a wonderful stay for an end-of-career trip, or a trip with the whole family.


Six Bedroom Villa in Africa by Marriott.

In case you come with friends, it is a perfect villa for parties, as there will be no neighbor to complain. This luxurious experience with private pool and open living room is priced at €1,229 per night.

Marriott International works with select professional home management companies to ensure that all homes listed can be serviced to the standards expected of Marriott International.

All images have been provided by Marriott International.