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Exotic, avant-garde, colourful, minimalist. Our homes have become a reflection of what we are and what we like. Art runs through galleries’ walls to turn into a daily pleasure. There is a growing number of people who aim to be surrounded by the creations of their favourite artists. Therefore, there is also a growing number of architects and designers who surprise us with collections of objects for house decoration. Furniture, cutlery, silverwares, illumination, decorative objects and an endless amount of little masterpieces with which we can transform our homes into our personal space. Into homes of design.

Zaha hadid

The architect Zaha Hadid created his own brand of accessories and gifts for homes of design, inspired  by its renowned architectural works. The “Collection 2016” of the label contains silverware, candles and decorative elements that show her characteristic style. All the objects have been made in different places around Europe, following traditional artisan techniques of each region.

hogares de diseño

A sample of Zaha Hadid’s collection

hogares de diseño

The curved forms and monochromatic shades prevail

Design and functionality are not incompatible. Plates, mugs, candles, all the elements of the collection play their part. But she doesn’t forget the aesthetic, characterised by curved forms and monochromatic colours. The materials merge the traditional (ceramic and glass) with the modern (acrylic, resins,…).

hogares de diseño

The scented candles, ‘The solis’, are presented in three versions of different colours

hogares de diseño

The cutlery ‘Illusion’, made of Chinese china, shows the artist’s interest in the illusionism and the puzzles. It creates a visual illusion of a 3D vortex

Marcel Wanders

The German designer has achieved to add a touch of magic to the tables of our homes of design. His circus-like collection is formed by 29 products, including cutlery, recipients, ice bucket and other five pieces of limited edition. Each of these special five figures represent an important circus character, and not only are they beautiful, but they play their part.

hogares de diseño

Presentation of the collection ‘Alessi Circus’ in Marcel Wanders’ studio in Amsterdam

hogares de diseño

Marcel Wanders with the collection

hogares de diseño

‘The ringleader’ (Massimo) Campanilla

homes of design

Pieces from the special edition of utensils inspired by circus performers

The “Alessi Circus” collection is characterised by geometric, rhomboid and circular patterns. The red and yellow colours, typically used in circuses, balance perfectly with the black, white and silver, reducing their intensity.

Marcel has created a fantasy world with which we can decorate the table. Useful sculptures with exceptional quality.

Atelier Swarovski

In 2007, the famous firm that is specialized in crystal, launched its atelier version in order to give a personal space to its most luxurious jewellery designs. This year they have extended it to launch Atelier Swarovski Home, with the goal of refocusing on a “lifestyle brand”, as they affirm.

This new home section has counted on the talent of designers, such as Aldo Bakker, Daniel Libeskind, Fredrikson Stallard, Kim Thomé, Raw Edges, Ron Arad, Tomás Alonso and TordBoontje. The different collections are available on Atelier Swarovski’s web and in selected stores.

The Horse team wanted to highlight the creation of the fantastic Raw Edges. They have just received The Wallpaper* Design Award 2016 for their “Concertina” chair for Louis Vuitton. And the fruit of their collaboration with Swarovski, Printed Collection, hasn’t fallen behind.

hogares de diseño

The Raw Edges designers pose next to their ‘Printed Collection’ for Atelier Swarovski Home

hogares de diseño

The reflection of light onto the crystal creates a special dimensionality over the pieces

Four elegant crystal pieces, engraved with laser and made of different colours which can be used as centrepieces, vases, or simplybe placed in any corner of the house. Their geometric shape, the different depths and the reflection of light onto the crystal create a magical effect.

hogares de diseño

The smallest piece, in the back, is the most dazzling piece due to its shallow depth and extent

Versace para Rosenthal

Exclusivity, quality and luxury are the three characteristics that could define these two brands that have merged in Rosenthal meets Versace. The well-known fashion brand wanted to enter the world of home decorationholding hands with one of the most prestigious brands for table decoration.

Different silverware, glassware, cutlery and accessories create a line with Versace‘s essence. Its unmistakable baroque iconography is the protagonist of many designs, as well as floral and animal motifs that give a classic elegance to the pieces. The marine world and the mythological world are also a constant theme in all the collections of the Italian brand.

homes of design versace

Coffee and tea sets from the ‘Marco Polo’ and ‘Iconic Heroes’ collections

homes of design versace dining collections

The dining collections ‘Butterfly Garden’ and ‘Les Trésors de la Mer’ bring an animal touch to our homes of design

hogares de diseño

Versace dinnerware for Rosenthal that stands out for its traditional and baroque style

hogares de diseño

The collection consists of crockery, cutlery, glassware and different sets of tea or coffee


The Finish brand Iittala is responsible for the resurface of the glasses designed by the architect Alvar Aalto in 1936 for the “Alvar Aalto Collection”. Revolutionaries in the shape, they break with the geometrical trend and allow the user to decide its use. A timeless design that definitely doesn’t look like coming from the 30s.

Littala has modified the original design, which included different heights, sizes, colours and materials, by incorporating metal and wood. The last modification has been performed this very month, when the brand introduced the grey shade to the collection.

hogares de diseño

Creation of one of the glasses for the collection

hogares de diseño

Sample of the new colour, introduced in September by Littala

hogares de diseño

Different sizes of the original pattern from 1936

Contemporary and of great quality, the collection offers a design that stands out for its functionality. The organic design, with curved forms and pure materials that characterise the famous architect, is reflected in these perfect recipients which can be placed in any part of the house. Like glasses, vases, little bowls or decorative elements.

There are many artists who dare to create collections of interior decorative objects. Every time there are more people who want to see their homes as homes of design, but without losing the comfort and functionality. Such special pieces give a unique character and write the story of a house.