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COVID-19 has closed museums and art galleries around the world, but it has also caused many artists to sharpen their wits in multiple ways. For some, the pandemic has served as a moment of reflection, and even inspiration. For others, it has been the ideal scenario to enter the networks and make themselves known to a wider audience. And for the more daring, it is an opportunity to launch innovative projects.

Art and augmented reality

That is the case of the digital platform All Show, promoted by the provocative artist Sebastián Errazuriz and the young designer Zander Eckblad. Both have launched a website through which smartphones are transformed into an incredible gallery of current art. There the creators show their works, put them on sale and buyers can see their creations thanks to augmented reality. And not only that, in a simple and intuitive way you can make the simulation of taking that painting or that sculpture to your home, and check what the final result would be.

A proposal that in some way has been accelerated thanks to the period of confinement, but that will undoubtedly remain once this long quarantine is overcome. In fact, as Sebastián Errazuriz himself says: The pandemic will usher in the next wave of creative expression.

The future is already here

At the same time, Zander Eckblad his partner in technology and artistic adventure augurs that art is going to change from what we know: With the advent of 5G, 3D scanning technology and augmented reality glasses…. We’re seeing the beginning of a new world of art.”.

Intervention in Times Square by Sebastian Errazuriz (Photo Sebastian Errazuriz)

With tools like these, collectors have a catalog of contemporary art at their fingertips. By simply opening All Show  on their cell phone, augmented reality gives them access to a number of creations. And not only collectors, anyone can browse All Show, and take a walk through its gallery. In addition, for the artists themselves it is a way to get to know the works of their contemporary colleagues.

Some artists with exhibited works

In addition to its creators, the Chilean-British Sebastián Errazuriz or the North American Zander Eckblad, there are more artists present at All Show. For example, there is a good sample of the latest black statues conceived by the prestigious New York artist and designer Joe Doucet, author of ideas as varied as his elegant tableware or the protective traffic barriers.

3D tableware by Joe Doucet

Or you can also discover how a work of the always elegant Eric Cahan would look in your living room. An author who has accustomed us to his series, such as skies or Data Mining, and that in the app shows us his graphic “I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize“.

From the SKY series by Eric Cahan

There are many more, such as the female figures that characterize the paintings of the young Irene Soyfer. Or there are also some sculptures by Adam Parker Smith. And of course this virtual gallery will undoubtedly be growing soon.

“Flower Power” Skate Deck de Irene Soyfer

We are convinced that All Show is a tool that is here to stay, because it is free and because it is very easy to use. Both to upload the works and to enjoy them thanks to augmented reality. And very soon there will be other similar platforms. At the end of the day, art, as has happened before with other creative disciplines, such as music or cinema, must know how to explore and exploit the numerous marketing channels offered by new technologies.