Gucci, and specially its creative director Alessandro Michele, is doing something really good: to build a creative universe that transcends the world of fashionStop understanding fashion as an industry and start looking at it through more creative eyes. For this, the firm uses a young and dynamic artists army among which we can find Ignasi Monreal, from Barcelona.

Ignasi Monreal's illustrations

Some of Ignasi Monreal’s illustrations in London

The Spanish artist, living now in London, has focused his work on fashion illustrationsWith the surrealist essence that characterizes him, he takes garments away from their natural habitat, photography, and presents them in a new imaginary and colorful but also modern context, inspired by pop culture, comics and the infinite universe of the web.

The firms Dior, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin and JW Anderson have already worked with him. However, it seems that he has found the perfect alliance with the Italian firm because it is not the first time that Gucci and Monreal work together.

Ignasi Monreal and Gucci: the perfect tandem

The first collaboration was in #GucciGram, the first digital art project of the firm back in 2015. After that, Ignasi has collaborated for the book Gucci Gifts 2017, for the promotion of the new perfume Gucci Bloom or for the Cruise Collection 2018, which included shirts and sweatshirts with his illustrations.

Ignasi Monreal turns Gucci's Spring-Summer Collection into an artwork

Mural with Ignasi’s illustration for the launch of Gucci Bloom in New York.

On this occasion, this perfect union between Alessandro de Michele and Ignasi Monreal has completely transformed the catalog concept to present the Spring-Summer Collection 2018Instead of using the typical photographic lookbook, the images regarding the pieces of the collection are actually digital illustrations made by the artist. Garments, bags, shoes and various accessories enter into the magical world that Ignasi Monreal creates for them.

Illustrations by Ignasi Monreal for “Gucci Hallucination” in New York and Milan

This is how they have managed to turn a simple catalog into an artwork inspired by classic art and the fantasy of tales“Gucci Hallucination” is a surreal mixture of past and present: knights in armor using the GPS or with mermaid tails sticking out under dresses.

Illustration by Ignasi Monreal for the Gucci Spring-Summer Collection

Creativity doesn’t close borders with this collaboration. It perfectly combines two different but compatible worlds: fashion and art.