Written by: Mar Cinca

On November 12th, at the II BCN Bloggers Meet Up, we were able to speak to both influencers, brands and communication agencies to have a better understanding of how the blogger’s universe works.

We interviewed Silvia García (Bartabac), Marta Carriedo (It Girl Marta), Carmen Grandes (The Rocking House) and Clara de Nadal (Pimkie) about how brand-blogger relationships work, the future of fashion sustainability and luxury content in blogs.

BCNBloggersMeetUp2_EquipoTheRockingHouseThe Rocking House

We asked for their opinion on the Essena O’Neill scandal, thus we were able to check how bloggers have different perspectives about what they should put under the public eye; and also how the relationship with brands should be like. Silvia García (Bartabac) believes it was all a marketing strategy, since if she had actually wanted to leave all social media; all she had to do was stop posting. Nevertheless, she believes Essena may have a point: “She is quite right, it is true that we show less and less reality on social media, especially those of us who are on the spotlight.” Silvia also gave us insight about the younger generation of instagrammers, whom she believes consider social media more important than real life. “I feel pityful of these young people who aren’t bloggers, and don’t make a living from it, that lately focus more on their social media than on their real life.”



Silvia considers that, as a blogger, she doesn’t have to post every bit of her life: “My aim is to create something beautiful, and my life isn’t beautiful all the timeMarta Carriedo (It Girl Marta), instead, believes in the complete opposite. She thinks that what’s most important is to appear as close to her followers as possible. “The trick is to be natural. I show everything, from the red carpet to what I have when I’m sick.”


Following up with brand collaborations, Marta, who recently posted a Youtube video explaining how these sponsorships work, thinks it should be a topic open for conversation: “I am just another worker, like a waiter at a bar or the King. I don’t understand all the secrecy.” Carmen (The Rocking House) believes that control is essential, and that’s why management agencies are so important: “Absolutely, and that’s why agencies like ours have to exist. No only to control the brands, but also the bloggers.” On the contrary, Silvia (Bartabac) explained how impossible it is to mention each and every sponsorship. “Realistically, it’s impossible nowadays. I can’t mention every sponsored post because 90% of my posts are sponsored. It would become a completely mecanic thing.” “We would lose that natural appeal. It completely breaks the illusion“.

itgirlmartaIt Girl Marta

We found different opinions on sustainable projects as well. Silvia claims that, even though she has always taken a stand against animal abuse, she doesn’t want to feature such content in her blog. “I want people to dream when they come to Bartabac.” Marta (It Girl Marta), on the other hand, believes influencers must uphold these efforts: “To be thoughtful of the environment is a really important issue.” “Brands are gradually becoming aware of the strain on our resources. And we, as influencers, play a key role in broadcasting these new projects.”


The Rocking House

Nevertheless, when it comes to luxury, they all come together. Chanel is their favorite brand. “My preferred brands are Chanel and Saint Laurent.”, Marta claims. Silvia: “Chanel, without a doubt. First Chanel, then Céline, are, with a huge difference, the brands I like the most.” Carmen (The Rocking Housealso told us that luxury is getting a free promotion; and that Chanel has displayed cruise collections specifically made for social media, where both models and the Front Row are influencers. These are the collections Zara will copy later on. Clara de Nadal (Pimkie) described how there’s been a change in the perception of luxury: “Nobody complains you can’t have a Picasso, because everyone knows they can’t afford it, but fashion democratization makes everyone want a Dior.” Clara, also, claims fashion isn’t just clothes, but that it fills every aspect of our lives, from gastronomy to architecture.