We walk into the nature of Diana Beltran, an artist who is able to recreate a world of color through such a simple material like the paper.

“Paper for me has always been an immediate and ordinary material of low value in which you never fear reproducing your ideas”

Crane y Heron

Exotic Birds: Left Crane & Right Heron. Photos: Victoria Holguin

1. What HORSE Mag inspires you?
Is a magazine that cares and select every detail from the original idea to the production. The cooperation with artists in each issue makes it more special.

American Robin1

American Robin bird

2. Your works are provided with a singular beauty, how would you define your style?
I think it’s not a defined style, but rather to a way of thinking and producing. I observe the world around me looking for ideas so that the spectator perceives it between reality and fantasy, catching and inviting him to meet my world.
American Robin2


Creation process

3. Why birds? And why paper?
Paper is a material easy to handle with an unlimited capacity that is always present and is used in the initial phase of every creative process for its high availability. When I started working with it my intention was not to specialize, I had always thought that everything that was on paper was a mockup, but then come to me some ideas of what I should represent with it. One of them were the birds, which for many personal experiences were present on several times in my life.

4. Paper is a very delicate material and your works are really impressive, how long do you invest in the creation of a work?
Creation not only happens when you sit down to produce, but rather from the idea. Normally a work may last a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity, size and the level of the details.


sello colombiaSello Portugal














5. Tell us, what project do you feel most proud of?
I couldn’t say one, I think it is a process that I come from three years ago, understanding and improving every day. I feel proud every time I finish something I start, because I managed to materialize an idea.

6. How did you promote your work?
I’ve done everything through virtual platforms, social networks, through a blog and sharing every day what I’m doing, showing how I am developping my ideas.

7. We have seen that you have exhibited in Europe, Asia and USA and you have scheduled an exhibition in Jakarta (Indonesia), in what it will consist?
For me Indonesia will be a great bet. The idea is to create a remote place, a place I have never been and how through elements, images and objects I can develop an idea of this place. Tables, lamps, bird catalogs, books and maps will be related to the flora and birds, which are items that have already been developed previously… I want to merge a taxidermy laboratory with an artist’s studio.



Crane bird Tail






8. Where can we find your work? Do you have any distribution in Europe?
I have no distribution, but any interested person may contact me directly. I’m between England and Colombia, developing projects and finishing my Master studies in Art, and I really want to develop completely a career as an artist.
Marina Rinaldi 39.What do you miss from Colombia?
I miss the familiar feeling from my country. Feeling comfortable in the place I know, the family and the weather. But living in England has given to me many opportunities, it is a place where I can learn and that has given to me so much during this stage of my life.

10. What do you think about fashion? What is your personal style?
For me dressing is a game, a game in which you are a model that you customize every day.