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Last April, the Silver Muse cruiser, the ninth jewel of the Silversea Cruises fleet, was inaugurated in Monaco. And as is standard in the ships of this company, everything is destined to provide the most elegant and pleasant experience possible to the privileged ones that embark on it.

Inauguration-with Prince Albert of Monaco-Silver Muse

Inauguration of Silver Muse with Prince Albert of Monaco

When we say privileged we are not only referring to their economic status to pay the price for boarding this ship. We also mention that its 596 passengers are a low number in this type of boats. The reason is to get each and every one of them feel special and comply with their expectations of being in a luxury cruise capable of satisfying the most demanding travelers. In a nutshell an in one sentence: The Silver Muse is a relatively small and intimate ship that offers large, sophisticated and innovative suites, which is a hallmark of the company.

The Silver Muse trips

In the Silversea Cruise website you can find the exact dates of each and every one of the itineraries of this ship, as well as the other ships of the company. However, we can outline some of the 34 countries and more than 130 ports where the Silver Muse plans to dock throughout 2017.

To start, during this summer it will be on the waters of the Mediterranean, approaching classic destinations but also areas that are true surprises for the passengers. For example, it will discover the Cinque Terre of the Italian sea of ​​Liguria; or will take its passengers to Ancient Greece by approaching the archaeological treasures of Olympia.

Silver Muse-Silversea

The Silver Muse sailing the Mediterranean along the coast of Genoa

Journeys by the Mare Nostrum that will get to thirteen places that UNESCO has declared Patrimony of the Humanity. A few months of sun, history, good food and very pleasant feelings as it cannot be otherwise in the Mediterranean. However, this journey will end in the Atlantic, in the always melancholy and inspiring Lisbon.

The Portuguese capital is the starting point of the transatlantic journey to America, to places like Quebec or New York. It will even descend to Florida and the Caribbean, to enter the Panama Canal and finishing in the Pacific Ocean, where ports like Valparaíso in Chile will await you, as well as other emblematic places of the fascinating South America.

Staying at the Silver Muse

Any of the places we have named are there and can be reached in a thousand ways, but obviously it is not the same to reach all those ports in the Silver Muse, and even better if you travel staying in some of their best suites.

Suites-Silver Muse-Silversea-magazine-horse

Maximum space and comfort in any of the cruise suites

Among them is the Suite Balsorano, in whose decoration and equipment has been involved the president of the company Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio di Balsorano de Clunieres. Therefore, this place is spectacular in its 92 m2 of surface.

Although there are other quality suites like the Owner, Royal or Grand that have details like that their mattresses are made in Wales by the manufacturer of luxury beds Savoir Beds.

The experience of travelling in the Silver Muse

The suites are impressive, in fact, any of the rooms has very high standards of quality. And the same can be said of their common spaces as the innovative Zàgar Beauty Spa, whose essence is to make users aware, with their five senses, that they are in a different space, modern and able to transport the body and mind to a point of well-being previously unknown.


The Zàgar Beauty Spa is a must for every passenger of the Silver Muse

Of course, you can have all the health and beauty services that you can imagine. There is a complete gym available to passengers, with personal trainers to enjoy individualized sessions. And although we have not yet named it, there are swimming pools and jacuzzies where you simply disconnect and get carried away by the rhythm of navigation.

Restaurants on board

An experience of such a level would not be complete without some quality gastronomic proposals. For all tastes and that provoke different sensations and textures on the palate. From the oriental and contemporary exoticism of the Kabuki and Indochinese halls to the refinement of the French cuisine of the La Dame restaurant, led by prestigious chefs from Relais & Château, Silversea’s exclusive partner.


On board, it is possible to taste quality food and from any source

There is also La Terrazza, emblem of Silversea, where the queen is the most traditional and fresh gastronomy of Italian cuisine. A place that as its name indicates, food is always enjoyed overlooking the sea. There we can discover that Italians do not only have pizzas. Besides, anyone who wants to have a bite of the most international dishes in the world at any moment of the day and eat it by the pool can do it at the Regina Margherita.

Silver muse swimming pool

A whole experience of sunbathing; a drink or a snack in the pool while sailing to a new destination

And for something more informal, you can opt for the Silver Tab design that evokes American jazz clubs. Or there is the Hot Rocks, whose name alludes to volcanic stones at 400º where the meat, fish or vegetables chosen by each diner are cooked.

There are many words to describe what the Silver Muse offers to each of its 596 passengers in all their travels by seas and oceans. However, all these words are superfluous when you embark on it and enjoy an experience of ultra-luxury. From Horse we can only say, good trip!

Images courtesy of Silversea

Trenslated by: Raquel Sanchez