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ISDIN has just presented its latest news in photoprotection. The international laboratory, leader in Spain, takes advantage of the arrival of good weather for the launching of its innovative proposals.

Sun protection is one of the most needed skin care. In both winter and summer, this care is key to maintain a complexion free from the harmful effects caused by sun exposure, pollution and free radicals, which accelerate the skin aging process. Did you know that the 80% of your skin aging is due to the exposure to the sun?

Since it is a product that must be used every day of the year, ISDIN finds in innovation the best way to maintain its customer’s loyalty. Their proposals are elaborated according to the needs of each person and each skin and they improve and lighten the textures so that its application is more comfortable.

ISDIN Prêt-à-porter Collection 

Without any doubt, the most striking and innovative collection of the brand. The   Prêt-à-porter Collection is composed of 3 facial products designed for urban women’s daily life. A new concept of sun protection that is born of the idea of ​​creating comfortable products with portable formats that facilitate the reapplication of protection throughout the day.

ISDIN the tree products of the Prêt-à-porter Collection

The tree products of the Prêt-à-porter Collection

FotoUltra ISDIN age repair is the first of them. With a very light texture and   triple anti-photoaging action:
-Protects thanks to its UVB / UVA SPF 50,
-repairs the accumulated solar damage at the cellular level thanks to its DNA Repairsomes and
-reverses the visible signs of photoaging.
It also has a matte effect that avoids the shine of the face and is an ideal base to apply it before foundation cream.

FotoUltra ISDIN age repair

FotoUltra ISDIN age repair € 25.95

FotoUltra ISDIN stick & brush combines protection and coverage in a single product for the most sensitive areas that need special care. The eyes contour, upper lip, spots, scars and/or areas of the skin under cosmetic procedures or photosensitizing dermatological treatments. In stick format, it has a double head that also includes a brush to blur.

FotoUltra ISDIN stick & brush

FotoUltra ISDIN stick & brush € 24.95

ISDIN Sunbrush Mineral is undoubtedly the star product of the collection. It is a mineral photoprotector in powder-form, which is applied to the face with the brush that is part of the packaging. Its natural coverage, matte effect and portable design makes it ideal for replenishing the sun protection on the make-up while applying it.

ISDIN Sunbrush Mineral

ISDIN Sunbrush Mineral € 28.85

Sunbrush Mineral offers high UVA / UVb SPF 50+ protection with 100% mineral filters for the 365 days of the year.

The 3 products are suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. In addition, they are water resistant and its formula is biodegradable.

Protection inside and out 

The face is the part of the body that remains most exposed to the sun’s rays during the year. However, in summer the whole body suffers its effects.
Hydrolotion is one of the most striking developments of ISDIN for this season. A body product, watery and biphasic that moisturizes and protects the skin without feeling oily and with an immediate drying. Its composition includes Sepitonic, which re-energizes and oxygenates the skin after the stress of sun exposure. It does not contain alcohol.


Hydrolotion € 22.55

Method of application: shake 5 seconds before each application to mix the formula.

Palliating the effects of the sun on our skin does not only require good sun protection. A good way of prevention is to start by taking care of ourselves.
To prepare the skin for sun exposure, SunISDIN has created a nutriprotector in capsules that combines ten natural ingredients, antioxidants, vitamin D and carotenoids. In addition, it does not contain gluten or lactose.

Defends the skin against the sun damage.
Prevents premature aging.
Promotes eye and skin health.


SunISDIN € 24.95

It is recommended one capsule per day 15 days before the first sun exposure and throughout the summer.

From Magazine Horse we invite you to learn about the innovations in photoprotection from ISDIN, which is considered the market leader in innovation with the objective of improving the people’s life quality, creating products adapted to the different needs of the skin with maximum efficiency, safety and with more pleasant textures. All this formulated respecting the skin. We welcome summer!

Translation by: Raquel Sanchez