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Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and developed by the technical and design team of Swarovski, the Kaputt Collection in cut crystal unites craftsmanship and creativity.

Provocative and iconoclastic, Jean Paul Gaultier is probably one of the last great myths of France and one of the most important figures in fashion of this century. With a talent that transcends conventions and a disturbing and eccentric personality, his career has been unstoppable since his debut at 18 years old.



Known as l’Enfant terrible of French fashion with his designs questioned the prevailing roles, he took to the catwalk the ethnic diversity of the world and opened sexuality to the industry, showing that another fashion was possible. A tireless worker, this eternally young designer continues shining with a creative universe without limits.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER RETRATO 3On this occasion, Swarovski and Gaultier come together to create an innovative and avant-garde cut glass collection. A faithful evidence of the irreverent art from this controversial designer and the high quality and craftsmanship of the Austrian company.

KAPUTT- COLECCIÓN F- W 2016Kaputt cut crystal collection by Jean Paul Gaultier

Meticulously designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and developed by the technical and design team of Swarovski, this new and imposing carving called Kaputt (German word meaning broken) is an evocative tribute to the unpredictable.

KAPUTT - JEAN PAUL GAULTIER & SWAROVSKISelection of carved stones from the Kaputt Collection by Jean-Paul Gaultier 

KAPUTT- JEAN PAUL GAULTIERDifferent forms and efects of the Kaputt Collection 

This collection presents the concept of “perfect imperfections” as a tribute to the power of contradictions, exposing an asymmetric and irregular appearance like inspired in the surface of a meteorite. Avant-garde pieces in which the unmistakable Jean Paul Gaultier’s logo highlights in laser engraving.


COLECCIÓN PIEDRAS KAPUTT (3)Carved stones in Swarovski Crystal from the Kaputt Collection 

Once Gaultier made the design, the technical team of Swarovski was the responsible for developing the new crystals with a truly fascinating result. An exalting to the unexpected which fuses the lush fantasy of Haute Couture with the exceptional brilliance of crystals from the Austrian company.

EQUIPO DE DISEÑO DE SWAROVSKISwarovski’s design and development workshop 

The explosive serie of carved stones from Jean Paul Gaultier is composed by two types of Swarovski crystal with two different effects: Crystal Scarabaeus Green and Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pearl. Both crystals invoke a futuristic look and seem inspired by the green tones of Paris and the turquoise glow of the Egyptian scarab.

CRYSTAL SCARABEUS GREEN FW 16-17Crystal Scarabaeus Green & Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pearl effects, also designed by Jean Paul Gaultier

SWAROVSKI_Fall-Winter_2016-17 CAMPAÑAPresentation of the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Campaign, Kaputt Collection by Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski

The exceptional collection is one of the novelties of the jewelry firm for the next Fall/Winter 2016-2017, becoming a new start for creativity, high quality and innovation from a brand with over 100 years at the forefront of design. And the unmistakable imprint of Jean Paul Gaultier will make it unique and legendary.