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La Prairie’s first collaboration with digital artist Carla Chan was Space Between the Light Glows, an audiovisual work based on the illumination of the Swiss peaks at the entrancing golden hour. Today, they again culminate the summit of the natural world with the meditative darkness of dawn with a new work: Fading Space of Down.

This is not the first time that the Swiss high-end cosmetics brand La Prairie, has collaborated with Carla Chan, an artist who combines physical and digital elements in the same hybrid form, blurring the boundaries between illusion and reality. Carla also creates lines between figuration and abstraction. The author’s most recent work focuses on the digital representation of nature, capturing all its figures, shadows and lights;

Una de las obras NFT de Carla Chan

Carla Chan during the creative process ‘Fanding Space of Down’

The artistic collaboration between the two began last year, coinciding with the reinvention of the new Pure Gold de la Prairie collection. It was the first time their product bottles were refillable and marked an important step in the movement to raise awareness of new sustainable practices and the value the brand places on wild nature. For this very reason, the belief and commitment to the inspirational power of our planet’s nature and, above all, the importance of protecting it, is an essential component of La Prairie and Carla Chan’s continuing collaboration.

La artista Carla Chan - MagazineHorse

Artist Carla Chan

Fading Space of Dawn, a hybrid form of immersive landscape

So they set out to combine this version of the artist’s innovative use of technology with the power of natural light. Result? They have discovered the secret of the power of persistent luminosity in terms of skin and art.

Carla Chan during the creative process ‘Fanding Space of Down’.

I focus on the moment when nature disappears into darkness and fades into the invisible. Using digital media, I created a space to reflect on nature and its future.” 

Carla Chan, artist

Chan, premiered through augmented reality at Frieze New York, completed its full multimedia art exhibition at Hong Kong’s most iconic arts and cultural centre, Tai Kwin, in its hometown.

La artista Carla Chan y su obra, Fading Space of Dawn

Artist Carla Chan and her work, Fading Space of Down where light and minerality interact with the rising of the sun.

Fading Space of Dawn combines physical and digital materials in a hybrid form of immersive virtual landscape. And that is precisely the magnitude of the work: Carla Chan transforms physical space into a virtual representation of the Swiss Alps themselves from dusk, that magical moment when the day ends, to dawn, the beginning of another. The work, is at once a call to imminent action, allowing viewers to witness the beauty of nature, but without forgetting that the danger of climate change threatens all the grandeur it enjoys. The work is also a call to imminent action, which allows viewers to witness the beauty of nature, but without forgetting that the danger of climate change threatens all the grandiloquence it enjoys.

La obra de la artista Carla Chan, Fading Space of Dawn

The work of the artist Carla Chan, Fading Space of Dawn

A technology-driven tribute to Switzerland’s endangered landscapes

 Chan uses the experimental nature of blockchain technology to create Space Beyond, an NFT (Non-fungible Token) work generated by the digital landscape itself constantly altered by real-time weather data.


One of Carla Chan’s NFT works

The NFT is composed of 366 editions, one for each day of the year, each of which is a unique and forever-changing work of art, as the weather and demographics of the artwork continually change. By transforming real weather into a fantastical form of digital weather, the lines between the real and the imaginary are blurred;

“My inspiration for the NFT began after my first residency with La Prairie, at Monte Rosa Hut, located near Switzerland’s most impressive and endangered landscapes: the glaciers. The artwork speaks of nature fading away as it captures landscapes that will soon no longer exist. I like the idea that the work continues to evolve beyond the artist’s lifetime”.

Carla Chan, artist

When the sun sets, the energy captured on the mineral shores of Lake Geneva during the day continues to seep into a nocturnal diffusion of radiance in the morning. Inspired by this dusk-to-dawn phenomenon, La Prairie scientists sought to capture its essence and created Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm.

Chan was also invited to an artist residency at La Becque in Montreux, a prestigious art residency located on Switzerland’s Lake Geneva and known for supporting artists whose work examines the complex relationship between nature and technology. From the intimacy of her studio along the shore, she observed the interplay of light and minerality that occurs with sunrise.


Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm by La Prairie, the result of light

We all know that night is a time of recovery and reconstruction for our skin. These nocturnal regeneration processes require large amounts of energy to function. However, devitalised skin cannot provide this energy, as cellular metabolism, which is essential for providing energy to the cells, slows down. The ageing process is accelerated and signs of ageing become more prominent;

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm - MagazineHorse

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Night Balm

La Prairie has designed a formula to boost energy in devitalised skin following a two-step approach;

Two steps to sunrise-bright skin

Firstly, the Pure Gold Nocturnal Balm formula provides the skin with a powerful, energy-rich nutrient.

The Pure Gold Diffusion system offers a three-peak action sequence on the skin. First comes the immediate deposition of gold on the skin’s surface to deliver instant radiance. Next comes an intense infusion of reconstituting ingredients. Finally, a constant release of regenerating ingredients linked to gold particles deposited on the surface of the skin completes the sequence. Night after night, the skin appears strengthened and restructured. Radiance is restored. Come morning, a new radiance emerges.

La Prairie - MagazineHorse

Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm  with night massage stone and refillable cream.

Inspired by ancient rituals, the Pure Gold night ceremonybegins by cleansing and toning the skin andPure Gold Radiance Concentrate is applied using the night massage stone, made from a single piece of sculpted marble thatcools, stimulates microcirculation, increases lymphatic flow, calms facial musclesand an exchange of nutrients and oxygen into the skin takes place. .

Pieza de mármol - La Prairie - MagazineHorse

Piece of marble from La Prairie

After the signature gesture, Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream is applied. Finally, the skin is pampered with the application of Pure Gold Radiance Night Balm. The signature fragrance of the Pure Gold collection sets the tone for a glowing experience.