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The Swiss house of La Prairie, presents White Caviar Essence Extraodinaire, a new product that hydrates, illuminates, reduces age spots and provides collagen to the skin thanks to 15 years of research. Here are the details.

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White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire is La Prairie’s latest creation, an essence that pushes the boundaries of science bringing radiance to the skin. Inspired by light and water, White Caviar Essence Extraodinaire deeply hydrates the skin. Not only that, it also creates a firmer appearance and gently exfoliates for a glowing finish. This new product is part of the White Caviar line, inspired by the pure light of the Swiss town of Montreux.

Light encapsulated in White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire 

The glittering light of Montreux blends with the most natural water to create a magical encounter. La Prairie scientists have translated this moment into the new essence to give skin a brilliant radiance. In 2019, they established the Ecuation of Light, where they discovered that the luminosity of skin is a function of colour and reflection, and wondered how water might affect the reflection of light on the skin.

Product White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire – La Prairie

The reflection element of the Light Equation is addressed in three ways in the formulation of White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire:.

  • Increases hydration and the amount of water in the skin.
  • Contains Swiss golden caviar ingredients that support the natural production of collagen helping to fill and create a firmer appearance to the skin.
  • Exfoliates gently to provide a smooth finish.

In parallel, the essence of White Caviar also addresses the colour aspect of the Light Equation. The creation contains the most powerful illuminating molecule: Lumidose. This patented molecule achieves results never seen before. For the first time ever encapsulated, Lumidose fades age spots more powerfully and faster than other tyrosinase inhibitors (the enzyme responsible for melanin production).


La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire

Like the rest of the products in this line, it also contains extracts of Swiss caviar, which promotes the natural production of collagen. This ingredient helps to give firmness and tenacity to the face.

The product container is made of glass with an innovative and elegant design that protects the formula from light and preserves its efficacy.

Product White Caviar Essence Extraodinairie – La Prairie

The White Caviar ritual

The White Caviar facial routine for morning and evening starts with a thoroughly cleansed face. Then apply White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire to illuminate, firm and moisturise. This is followed by White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, a serum for age spots, redness and greying skin. The ritual ends with White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire, which illuminates and softens the face.

La Prairie White caviar

La Prairie White Caviar Product Range – La Prairie

Fusion of luxury care and art

La Prairie and Taiwanese dancer and artist Wen-Chi Su join forces to pay homage to the magical meeting of light and water by creating a poetic choreography. The artistic collaboration is inspired by the luminosity of Montreux and the Swiss lakes. The show took place on the waterfront of Miami Beach and the result is Moving Towards the Horizon a breathtaking performance where light and water merge.The performance piece was exhibited at the Art Basel art fairin Miami Beach.

For the creation of the choreography, Su sought to dialogue with water, observing its dynamism: “for this dance, I am much slower than usual. Water flows naturally fast, but it is good to slow down to experience the shape of every minute, every second. Su’s poetic dance reflects the movement of the body and time: “I want to create a moment where people can contemplate how time flows,” she explains.

The dancer Wen-Chi Su – La Prairie

Moreover, La Prairie has always used contemporary art and culture to tell its story: “This latest collaboration with Wen-Chi Su was natural and authentic. Not only does it connect intimately with our mission to push the boundaries of science and technology, but it also brings through dance a rich and entirely new perspective to our House,” says La Prairie global marketing director Greg Prodromides.

The full range of La Prairie White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire  products can be found on the official La Prairie website and in the El Corte Inglés shopping centres in Spain.

The new La Prairie treatment room at El Corte Inglés de Diagonal is made with noble elements, the walls are covered with wood and the pica is made of rock.

A corner has recently opened in El Corte Inglés de Diagonal, a space with a public customer service area, as well as a product display area. In addition, there is also a VIP box where the products are shown in more depth and how to use them is explained.

Images courtesy of La Prairie