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The shopping center, one of the oldest in Paris, reopens after 16 years of renovation. Offering a unique experience combining modernity and history. Breaking fashion barriers, carefully selecting luxury pieces, from watches to perfumes. Every little corner of La Samaritaine is an exclusive opportunity to explore a different world.

La Samaritaine reopens in Paris, the company DFS has devised the restoration of the building, highlighting the founding roots, but with the current touch of the 21st century. To restore La Samaritaine perfectly and in detail, they have relied on luxury architects and designers. The Japanese firm, Sanaa, has been in charge of the total renovation of the building, creating courtyards inside. In addition, they have designed the facade of the rue de Rivoli. This area has an irregular undulating structure of 343 glass panels. They are perfectly balanced and offer luminosity in its interior. .


The main staircase of La Samaritaine links all floors of the Pont-Neuf building.

The interior of the building has been appointed to the firm Yabu Pushelberg, bringing a classic and refined style to each floor of the center. On the other hand, they have designed the furniture and carpets with touches of bronze and blue-gray.  On the other hand, for the spaces of the Rivoli building, French brand Ciguë has been in charge of giving it a more radical and urban touch to attract young millennials.

The restoration has respected and enhanced essential elements of La Samaritaine; the glass roof and the Eiffel structure. This architectural idea of 1907 has required great care, recovering its originality and the colors chosen by Francis Jourdain. On the other hand, the great main staircase of the Pont-Neuf building. For the restoration, the large emblematic railing has been treated with gold leaf, ceramic and oak. In addition, they have also been able to recover the peacock frescoes signed by Frantz Jourdain. Painting considered one of the masterpieces of Art Nouveau, which has 3.5 meters high and 115 meters long.


The original Frantz Jourdain Frescoes have been recovered and restored.

La Samaritaine has two distinct buildings. On the one hand, the Pont-Neuf area, which is the main one and brings together practically the entire soul of the center. It has five floors, divided by the sections they offer. In addition to the subway floor, where the beauty section is located. Major brands such as Blancpain, Dior or Swarovsky are represented. On the other hand, the Rivoli zone is connected to the main one, but this one is smaller. Zone different from the previous one, but in conjunction with everything it offers.


Perrotin Gallery. Visitors can enjoy the art collections offered by the gallery.

Visitors delve into the latest trends in urban fashion while enjoying street art. Finding traditional codes but always surrounded by industrial decoration. Brands of the moment and limited editions coexist. In addition, supporting sustainability, they have the Shinzo Green stand with recycled and vegan sneakers.

Art is also intermingled in the building with works of art such as the Perrotin Gallery or the Factory. The section aims to give voice to artists who make their works on site, such as Pablo Tomek or Antonin Hako.   

Loulou’s Boutique

Apart from the two fashion areas, they also have a small store. The Loulou boutique. Where they offer souvenirs, technology or jewelry. More than 1,500 small souvenirs and gifts, for local or foreign visitors who want to take a little piece of downtown Paris home. The boutique has a decoration that changes regularly, wanting to reflect a cheerful and refined spirit;


Inside Loulou’s Boutique

The interior is designed far from traditional merchandising ideas. The products are presented according to colors or themes, scenography very renewed and constantly evolving. In this way, they seek to surprise and attract visitors. It is accessible to all budgets, and on the occasion of the opening, they offer products designed exclusively by brands such as Macon & Lesquoy or the publisher Plakat.

Beauté in 3,400m².

La Samaritaine boasts the largest beauty space in Europe. A section of 3,400m², designed by the French architect Hubert de Malherbe, inspired by art deco and Parisian details. A place full of light thanks to the elegant windows that make up the building. Visitors can enjoy the 200 brands of makeup or perfumery in the section;


Space of beauty. The largest in Europe, meticulously structured, elegant, and with a warm light entrance.

The site offers us five enclaves of beauty:

  • SPA Cinq Mondes: exclusive SPA and boutique using refined Parisian codes. Located in the Rivoli area, overlooking the garden. It has seven treatment rooms and a private Turkish bath.
  • Belleza Pura: an 80m² space dedicated entirely to beauty products with perfect formulas and packaging.
  • Make-up section: in the center of the area we find a large make-up bar where we are allowed to try an extensive selection of products.
  • Beauty Studio: area designed to be innovative and groundbreaking with the products used. The care of hands, feet and hair is perfectly designed to be treated with organic products.
  • Perfume House: unique luxury, perfect perfumes and unlimited pieces by Bulgari, Chanel or Tiffany.

Spaces in the beauty section. Each brand has its own space, with each product delicately displayed.


From left to right: Perfume house. Perfume jewelry on display. Make-up section. With personalized attention to try on and find the best make-up.


Apart from offering fashion or accessories, the Samaritaine has gastronomy spread throughout the elegant building. Twelve strategically placed options to enjoy cuisine, pastries and exquisite wines Each space is exclusively designed by great chefs with the best partners: Dalloyau, Maison Plisson or Bogato.


Voyage. Gastronomic section located on the fifth floor. It has different distinctive spaces where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves.

In the Pont-Neuf area, on the fifth floor, Voyage awaits us. Spectacular space of 1,000m², bathed in natural light that enters thanks to the glass roof. The place has three different atmospheres, offering menus that evolve day by day. Diners can enjoy a gala dinner with the best Krug champagne or exclusive cocktails and creative drink menus created by Matthias Giroud. On the other hand, a mini croque-madame at Dinette, or L’Exclusive, a place full of exquisite pastries created by Jeremy Del Val, pastry chef at Dalloyau..

In the Rivoli area, several healthy food spaces stand out. On the one hand, La Maison Plisson offers gourmet cuisine, take a relaxed coffee produced sustainably in Zinc or ginger juices perfectly accompanied by small savory or sweet bites.


Maison Plisson, where they offer small sweets, with the emblematic wines of France.


Street Caviar. One of the small stands where visitors can taste small baguettes filled with French caviar.

In addition, we also find menus created by young chefs with a future. The Ernest stand offers two ways to enjoy gastronomy. Naoelle d’Hainaut, winner of Top Chef 4, has been chosen to create the menus. And on the other hand, Ernest also has a different space that, at seven in the morning, is dedicated to breakfasts and small delicacies. Meanwhile, in the evenings it transforms into a wine and tapas bar.


Ernest. Section that from seven in the evening becomes a bar.

La Samaritaine has reopened its doors in style, offering luxury, elegance and an exquisite cocktail of art, history, beauty and fashion. It is not a simple shopping center, and you can not discover all that it houses in it with a simple visit. The center invites visitors to immerse themselves in the building in a slower and deeper way. Have fun in a relaxed way practicing selfies. The graphic designers recommend the best angles, and visitors can even take workshops with professional photographers;

Or enjoying the book of the building published by Assouline, in which they explain the DNA of the place. Its past, present and future. To let yourself be carried away by its history, from September they will have the historian Maud Hacker, who will give guided tours of the center.


Personal rooms, where customers can select their products in a personal way and always with the help of stylists.

Everything they offer, every detail and every product is treated with care. In a personalized and elegant way, giving unique experiences. In fact, La Samaritaine has created and designed an exclusive space to welcome customers in a personal way. Small rooms reminiscent of Parisian apartments, cozy and refined. Thanks to the personal stylists, each person will be able to count on tailor-made treatment, with every product he/she desires.


Images courtesy of Le Samaritaine

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