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The Le Méridien hotel offers Au Soleil, a programme with activities during the months of September and October to say goodbye to the summer season. We take a closer look at Le Méridien Barcelona to find out about the latest experiences.

With September well underway, we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn, but even so, Le Méridien Barcelona, presents Au Solei: summer experiences in the centre of Barcelona. An exclusive programme that joins the new floral art installation by Donna Stain, the gastronomy of the recently refurbished restaurant CentOnze or the “passegiata”to discover a new perspective of a piece of Barcelona, a cultural walk from the hotel discovering anecdotes of the district.


Entrance to the CentOnze restaurant, with Jaume Amigó’s sculpture ‘Gaudí Soupe’.

At the entrance to the refurbished restaurant, Le Méridien Barcelona features a work by the artist Jame Amigó. A 25-metre-long sculpture made up of 141 iron plates covered in paper, which pays homage to Gaudí. The creation is inspired by the architectural models made by the Catalan architect, and is an example of how Le Méridien is linked to contemporary art.

Seasonal products

The restaurant, overlooking the emblematic Ramblas, brings the market to the table, focusing its dishes on natural ingredients. For this occasion, CentOnze offers a tasting menu with local and seasonal products. In addition, they have the essential rosé wine of the Au Soleil programme, as well as their cocktail and the Petit Plat “summer state of mind”. Similarly, the Signature Cocktail Bar, complements the meals, enjoying signature cocktails and tapas. The bar has a modern and vintage feel, where they mix music and the best cocktail creations such as Flamingo and Raspberry Mojito, or signature cocktails such as Coco Loco and Kentucky Splash.


From left to right: Grilled avocado salad with mango and nuts, and Presa Ibérica (Iberian pork)


Stuffed baby squid with seafood bisque

Returning to the tasting menu, it is made up of varied dishes, such as shots of beetroot salmorejo or grilled avocado salad with mango and nuts. We can also choose organic fried egg with foie gras sauce with port wine and fresh truffle, and stuffed txipirón (baby squid) with seafood bisque. For mains you can choose between Iberian prey or cod, and for dessert, the chef recommends his pineapple dish with vanilla, coconut, mango, green apple and yoghurt ice cream.


Vanilla pineapple, coconut, mango, green apple and yoghurt ice cream

Art and the ‘passegiata’ the ultimate walking experience

As we have said, Au Soleil also presents a floral art installation created by the Australian designer Donna Stain. The artist, based in Spain, presents her art through flowers, being elemental in her decorations. Throughout her career she has worked in London, alongside the florist Jane Packer, and New York, where she opened a shop and an art school.


Floral art by the artist Dona Stain in the restaurant CentOnze

In addition, the hotel’s commitment to art features a new mosaic of photographs created by Joan Fontcuberta. His work is made up of thousands of small images captured on the Internet, and can be seen in two ways. On the one hand, from a distance, where the small photographs make up the artist’s design as a whole, and on the other hand, up close, where we can observe the images that make it up one by one.


Photo-mosaic composed of thousands of small images captured on the internet by Joan Fontcuberta located at the entrance of the hotel.

From the hotel itself they are very conscious of offering visitors the best experiences, immersing them in activities and sharing their history with them. In this way, guests staying at the hotel, until November, can enjoy the activity of the “passegiata”. This is a walk around and discover corners of Barcelona that are perhaps not very well known, new restaurants or old ones, history and curiosities. Despite the onset of autumn, the temperatures in our city are usually warm, and October can always be used as an opportunity for pleasant walks.

Address: La Rambla 111, Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 4-6, Barcelona

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