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At 170 years old, Loewe has decided to self-publish its book, Loewe Book, which shows its traditional philosophy, creativity and its path through history. A work that covers the past, present and future of the Spanish house.

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Loewe Book shows the association between the current boom in Loewe and the earlier moments in its history

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Luis Venegas was the expert who selected the relevant material for the book

Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe, was who asked the expert in magazines and fashion, Luis Venegas, the book’s edition. He gave him full freedom to carry out the project: “I wanted Luis to review with full space all our files and decide what was really relevant through that singular and fine look that characterizes him” said Anderson to reporters.

The result is not a book of photographs to use, but a useful reference guide, a notebook that documents the universe of the brand and shows associations between the current boom in Loewe and the earlier moments of its history.

Its 592 pages include images of mythical pieces like the Amazona bag, and the most recent creations like the Puzzle bag that make both singers like Beyoncé or the most distinguished characters as Queen Sofia fall in love with it. Along with these pieces, there are editorials and advertising campaigns, old and new, rephotographed and images of archiving objects and crafts related to the house and its Spanish roots.

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On the left, an updated version of the Amazona bag. The Puzzle model, on the right

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Leather articles, which continue to be produced in Madrid, are one of the symbols of the brand

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The volume, 592-page, is an opportunity to review the history of the 170 years of the brand

Loewe Book will be sold in 25 stores of the firm worldwide and its look (cover) is inspired by the acclaimed publications of the season that the brand launches for each collection.

The largest store, in Madrid

The book launch coincides with the opening of the new House Loewe in Madrid, a nineteenth century building that has become the largest store of the firm. The house features a flower shop inspired by the life and work of the British florist Constance Spry. In the new space, in addition to buy, you can also see works by Edmund de Waal, Richard Smith, Gloria García Lorca or Sir Howard Hodgkin.

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Image of the new store in Madrid, the city where Loewe began his career


The Loewe Book will be sold in 25 stores of the Spanish house worldwide

Loewe is one of the few houses that could boast of having survived three centuries of history. It was founded in 1892, when Enrique Loewe Roessberg, a German in love with the way leather is managed in Spain, decided to move to create his own workshop and later get a store.

Since the arrival of its current creative director, the Irish Jonathan Anderson in 2013, the Spanish firm has learned to reinvent itself without losing one millimeter of its essence. Street style and social networks get the brand closer to new generations while traditionally strengthens its most assiduous clients. A combination that has led to its 170 anniversary. Congratulations Loewe.

Traductor: Raquel Sánchez