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Louis Vuitton is kicking off the New Year by announcing a series of men’s fashion events taking place in Paris throughout the month of January.

The initiative under the name “Louis Vuitton: Walk in the Park”, includes public, digital and physical experiences. The goal is to raise awareness of designs created by Virgil Abloh, Creative Director of the Maison, for the new men’s collection to be presented in January.

Pop-up in Rue du Pont Neuf

To this end, one of the first events has been the installation of a Temporary Residency at Rue du Pont Neuf, from January 8 until January 31, 2021. At this pop-up consumers will be able to purchase reissues and limited editions of sneakers, jewelry and sunglasses. Throughout the store, designs are color-coded with rainbow hues, a nod to Virgil Abloh’s debut runway show set for Louis Vuitton for the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.

Louis Vuitton “Walk in the Park” por Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton temporary space in Rue du Pont Neuf, Paris 2021.

Louis Vuitton “Walk in the Park” por Virgil Abloh

The space also includes a “Hall of Fame”dedicated to the five rarest and most exclusive editions of the LV Trainer sneaker, presented for the first time for the Spring-Summer 2019 collection.

Also, from January 8 to 15, will be available the new sneaker collection for the Spring-Summer 2021season in five new colorways, including a limited edition of 95 pairs. The shoes are created entirely from recycled LV Trainer material. The sneaker LV Ollie from the Spring-Summer 2021collection will be showcased in six colorways along with jewelry and sunglasses from the collection.

Louis Vuitton “Walk in the Park”

LV Trainer shoes.

Finally, the icons of Virgil Abloh’s grammar, theCuban chains and sunglassescould not be missing. Twelve unique chains will be available for the exhibition. The most iconic editions of the sunglasses 1.1 Millionaireswill also be presented. A reinterpretation by Virgil Abloh of the design created in 2004 by Pharrell Williams and Nigo. .

Louis Vuitton “Walk in the Park”

Louis Vuitton Cuban chain.

Louis Vuitton Maison Vendôme

On the other hand, as the second chapter of “Walk in the Park”, from January 15, the Maison will offer an immersive augmented reality experience, so you can interact with Virgil Abloh’s visual world.

Louis Vuitton “Walk in the Park”

Zoooom with friends” characters on the facade of Louis Vuitton Maison Vendôme.

The “Zoooom with friends”fun characters created for the Spring-Summer 2021 collection presented in Shanghai and Tokyoland in Paris. Visitors to Louis Vuitton Maison Vendôme will be able to see the drawings come to life on the store’s facade. All thanks to the filter available on theLouis Vuitton appIn the same application, a new filter, which will be available on January 21, will allow users to enjoy different animations and photographic content.

With this initiative, Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton strengthen the spirit of community and diversity that exists around their menswear universe. At the same time, they encourage the public to participate in an ongoing dialogue.


Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton.