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The desire of the millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) and not so millennial as the X generation (born between 1961 and 1980) to return to the retro style of the 70’s and 90’s. With personalized products, especially denim, that for several seasons assaults the fashion shows and reaches its maximum marking trend both in urban style looks and for those looks for the weekend.

Celebrate denim

Denim is again in trend and we can see it both in jeans and in jackets. If there is a flagship brand in terms of denim, that is Levi’s. How can it be that the famous 501, the pant model created in 1873, is still so trendy? With that simple and timeless pattern; the same happens with the jacket Trucker Type III, which this year is also celebrating.

50 years have passed since Levi’s presented the most recognizable denim jacket design. To celebrate it, they have invited different emerging European artists to customize it. Those creations have been seen in the temporary exhibition from last October in Berlin.

Levi’s exhibition in Berlin

The group of artists that represented Spain was composed by the film director Inés de León, the photographer Pablo Alzaga, the illustrator Javier Navarro and the sculptor Jennifer Bucovineanu. Their inspiration? The Madrilenian neighborhood of Malasaña, underground cultural epicenter of new trends.

Whether you opt for these classic models or for more avant-garde models, denim is a safe bet for this season. Dolce & Gabbana, who usually opt for a more informal style, has filled its fall-winter show with unique denim garments adorned with all kinds of drawings, patches that add color to the soft blue of the fabric.


Another type of sports brands also add trends to their collections. Denim, as the fabric par excellence for a casual style, is part of the garments of these brands season after season, both in shirts and in jackets and jeans, as well as in many garments and accessories of all kinds. This year, denim is more visible, if possible, in the collections of Quicksilver, Billabong or the queen of denim: Levi’s and often combined with the sheep’s wool that adapts this type of garments to the winter cold.

Top left jacket QUICKSILVER. Beside the BILLABONG denim jacket and denim cotton hooded; Bottom left QUICKSILVER denim jacket using sheep’s wool and LEVI’S shirt. Right Levi’s 501 and 511

Sheep’s wool to warm up

Sheep’s wool or its combination with denim are the key to a urban trendy look and according to the cold of this time of year. They give a vintage and child-like touch, but well combined can be very attractive. The most common will be found in jackets of all types, but it can also be seen in shirts or hats.


Jackets of a multitude of sports brands wear sheep’s wool for this season: Billabong, Quicksilver or Dickies but there are many more. We will find this fabric covering a large part of the interior or exterior surface or as a detail added to the neck or cuffs.

From left to right corduroy BILLABONG jacket with collar and with sheep’s wool in the interior; DICKIES Jersey; QUICKSILVER jacket; down duffle coat by BILLABONG; QUICKSILVER navy-shirt jacket with sheep’s wool in the interior; blue QUICKSILVER jersey

Tartan in the purest lumberjack style

Tartan shirts, or more known as woodcutter shirts, have especially filled this year the collections of urban fashion firms. Dickies, Levi’s or Vans are a mere example. But this print has also been very present on the fashion shows both in shirts and outerwear of the most varied.

The use of flannel and sheep’s wool in combination with this trend accentuate even more the retro air that characterizes this type of garments. The print, with large and marked checks and saturated colors such as black, red or blue.


This trend is included in catwalks with an informal and casual style. Givenchy combines this type of printed shirt with sweatshirts and sneakers. That same style is the one proposed by the following brands. Quicksilver, Volcom, Levi’s, Rusty, Billabong or Vans are firms that identify with that way of dressing in which you can be fashionable, applying different the trends and at the same time betting for a more casual look.

From left to right QUICKSILVER blue and gray shirt; VOLCOM red and black shirt; VOLCOM gray and black shirt; LEVI’S brown shirt; LEVI’S white and gray shirt; Checked jacket RUSTY; BILLABONG jacket; VANS red and black sweatshirt

Regarding the urban style, retro is the tendency that encompasses them all. Denim, checks, sheep’s wool… In general, the shapes and fabrics are reminiscent of the 60s. This, together with the great upswing that “name-brand clothing” is suffering after the low-cost madness, more and more firms with an informal style such as those found in the Planet Sports online store are very interesting.