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Coinciding with the third month of the year, there are several new publications, many of them related to travel, here we present them to you:

To begin with, in March there are several proposals related to famous personalities, and in two of these proposals the illustration helps to get a better insight into the life of these artists.

Historias de hermanos by  Fría Aguilar (Lunwerg Editores).

Launch date: 3 March

The family of celebrities is rarely discussed, and even less so their siblings. The illustrator Fría Aguilar brings us a book where she will focus on how the brothers have influenced prominent figures such as: Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, Pablo Picasso, Anne Frank and many more.



Despite the difficulties in travelling due to the pandemic, Lonely Planet presents different guides adapted to Covid-19 to take into account as soon as the situation improves.

In February took place in MSibling storiesadrid the CSFW, Circular Sustanaible Fashion Week. Taking advantage of this sustainable fashion event, we present a book that is more like a guide to the aforementioned field.

Sustainable wardrobe by Laura Opazo (Zenith)

Launch date: 1 September 2020

In this title Laura Opazo calls for a transformation of consumer habits to embrace sustainable living, as the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. This book reviews the history of the textile industry, talks about the serious consequences that fast fashion has on the environment. It not only raises the problem, but also offers part of the solution, proposes consumer alternatives and presents sustainable brands.


In addition, we bring you books that are a piece of art in their careful approach to Montblanc and jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo.

Montblanc: Inspire Writing by Alexander Fury (Ed. Assouline).

Launch date: February

This book explores the prestigious Montblanc brand. It is a portrait of its most famous pieces, ballpoint pens and fountain pens. They are not a mere object for writing, but are instruments that are the fruit of the creation of their artists. Furthermore, in its pages, which combine writing and photographs, the power and importance of writing by hand is vindicated.


Cipullo: Making Jewellery Modern de Vivienne Becker (Ed. Assouline).

Launch date: February

The renowned journalist and jewellery historian Vivienne Becker presents her work on the work of the designer Aldo Cipullo. It is a journey through the career of Cipullo through photographs of his different works. This artist became the most glamorous jewellery designer of the 1970s and worked for major jewellery firms such as  Tiffany & Co or Cartier, among others.



The Best of Savoie Mont Blanc 1 by Claire Angot, Christophe Corbel and Julie Hainaut (Ed. Geoplaneta  and Lonely Planet)).

Launch date: 3 March

This French region is an all-season attraction, whether in winter with its ski slopes or in summer with its hiking trails. For those who don’t like these more physical activities, there are also beautiful medieval villages or historic towns such as Chambéry and its castle or Annecy, with a medieval area with canals. It also includes Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps and in the European Union.


Continuing with travel books, Lonely Planet will launch two books with a large number of routes not far from the main cities of the world and Spain.

Three hours from… by various authors (Ed. Geoplaneta  and Lonely Planet)).

Release date: March 3

With this book you can discover 900 trips that can be made in a day from the 60 favourite cities of Lonely Planet. It is thus a way of getting to know places of great beauty relatively close to the main cities. It includes excursions for whale watching, rafting, visiting temples, etc. It also includes sections on the best cities on the African coast, the best retreats in Japan, the most fascinating indigenous experiences in Oceania, among others.


One hour from… by various authors (Ed. Geoplaneta  y Lonely Planet)

Launch date: 3 March

If you prefer not to leave Spain, there is also this book. It includes around 630 getaways close to the 50 most important Spanish cities. These proposals can be used for one-day trips, weekend trips, long weekend trips… Among the places featured are markets, places of archaeological interest, nature parks, hiking trails, caves, walled villages and many more.


Córdoba up close 1 by Marta Jiménez Zafra (Ed. Geoplaneta  and Lonely Planet)).

Launch date: 10 March

Córdoba is one of the jewels of Andalusia for its heritage. In this city you can visit the famous Mezquita – Cathedral, stroll around the remains of the city of the ancient caliphate Medina Azahara, visit the Roman Bridge. To complete the Cordoba experience, it is essential to visit its taverns and restaurants, as well as its life in the squares.


Burdeos de cerca 1 by Catherine Le Nevez and Kerry Walker (Ed. Geoplaneta  y Lonely Planet)

Launch date: 10 March

Let yourself be surprised by Bordeaux. France is very extensive and its places of interest are not only limited to Paris, there are many cities and towns with great charm and Bordeaux is one of them. It is a city close to Spain and two hours by train from Paris. You can visit its restored historic quarters, its docklands and its ecological projects around the station.


Menorca de cerca 2 by Jordi Monner (Ed. Geoplaneta  y Lonely Planet)

Launch date: 10 March

With this guide made by Jordi Monner we can discover all the nooks and crannies of the island with contents adapted to covid-19. Menorca is a real treasure, not only for its beautiful beaches and coves but also for its cultural offer, its landscapes, its unique archaeological legacy and its rich gastronomy.


NewYorkMania  by Elisabetta Cirillo (Lunwerg Editores).

 Release date: March 10

If you’re passionate about New York, this book is for you. Elisabetta Cirillo illustrates life in the Big Apple summarised in 100 themes. With this book we can transport ourselves to New York without leaving our homes and get to know its inhabitants, customs, corners, music, literature, etc.


Design and architecture are cornerstones of our society and are necessary in most areas of our lives. This is why we bring you a proposal from the Taschen publishing house that offers a great perspective through design and architecture.

Formgiving. An Architectural Future History by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) (Books).

Launch date: 10 March

This is the new BIG book and the final instalment of Taschen’s trilogy. Formgiving contains a “visionary look at the horizon of time” that spans from the Big Bang to the unknown future highlighting the importance of architecture. In order to define what we want the future to be like, the development of intelligence, sustainability, migration, design, among other things, are discussed.


Acid for the Children de Flea (Ed. Cúpula)

Launch date: 10 March

Acid for the Children delves into the life of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and co-founder Michael Peter Balzary, better known as Flea. He recounts his experiences and anecdotes that influenced him to become a renowned artist, as well as his ups and downs, always highlighting the power of music.


Lady Gaga, born her way de Laura Floris (Lunwerg Editores).

Launch date: 24 March

Through the illustrations of Laura Floris this title delves into the career of Lady Gaga. In this way, you will learn more about this famous singer, but also composer, producer, dancer, actress, activist and designer. In addition, Lady Gaga stands out for her enormous talent, and that is why she is one of the singers with the most awards..


The latest Covid-adapted guide to be released in March is:

En ruta por Andalucía 1 by Giacomo Bassi (Ed. Geoplaneta  and Lonely Planet)

Launch date: 24 March

Andalusia is a place full of landscapes and experiences. In this autonomous region we can find two national parks, cities such as Seville, Granada and Cordoba with unique monuments. But it also has mountain areas or large olive groves, in addition to its varied gastronomy.


We hope that these proposals have been inspiring and that you will soon be able to enjoy the activities proposed.