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Located in front of the emblematic Casa Batllo and Casa Atmetller of Barcelona, this hotel boutique opens its doors on the Paseo de Gracia. VywIzaNPlcvIh4gzWUX-tp0bOO0lgliexyFBphbCbDY,qO_k7aSijKnPTiXGw2DlTUi_l3l7krI2i3AlOPnPG_I It’s not an ordinary hotel, the intention of the owners has been to escape from the conventions of the big hotels and give guests a corner of discretion and privacy. An example of this is that it is located on a main floor and the building looks a little bit old. The hotel name is inspired by the character that the actress Gwyneth Paltrow plays in the film The royal Tenenbauns (Margot Tenenbauns), a deep woman with a hidden experiences that make her a woman with a special halo. jmFYeATsQQlPcYw4y0b5Oc4t5naI_l4qiIM2aS2oLJs,kbRTBcpKG-_8H4xr3u04mUW9tWTrHpbTwH0i-zWaypk Margot House is a secret corner in the heart of Barcelona with an incredible interior design.It’s composed by 9 rooms that have a strong personality; they are decorated with fine materials such as light wood, cement and incredible details designed by top interior designers. hNCvUZukcOANh-02iaqaQpLeFXUzJtkI-JmJdWmHAfA,7tfy1p3KQdHmf202o0JP6yAtmrbdPkbVnr31Q2hiz7o If you are looking for a quiet, intimate stay in an exclusive atmosphere, Margot House is your place.