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The firm Wolford and the designer Marina Hoermanseder have joined to create a capsule collection composed by two pairs of  The collaboration premiered during the Autumn/Winter show of the Austrian designer in the Fashion Week in Berlin and will be available next fall.

Marina Hoermanseder’s fashion show

Images of Marina Hoermanseder’s fashion show during the Berlin Fashion Week

Marina was not the only one who collaborated with Wolford during the German Fashion Week. The firm joined several haute couture brands and supported, among others, the Maisonnoée and Michael Sontag shows with exclusive pieces.

The woman who worked for Alexander McQueen walks solo since a while now. In Horse, we had already shown her work, that was protagonist of the editorial “They always told me to buckle up” .

Hoermanseder does not change her style for this collaboration. The unique pieces create a feminine silhouette covered by her famous buckles.  Normally in leather, her fetish material, for this collaboration with Wolford she uses a black and nude elastic fabric in which buckles are drawn around the body in dress and body and in the stockings for the legs.

Marina Hoermanseder collection for Wolford.

Dress and body from the Marina Hoermanseder collection for Wolford

stockings designed by Marina Hoermanseder for Wolford.

The two pairs of stockings designed by Marina Hoermanseder for Wolford.

Both are very happy after their collaboration. The designer has stated that “it has been fascinating to have been able to work with such a powerful and innovative firm and I am very happy with the result and its great quality. ” While from Wolford they say: “We are delighted to collaborate with the talented designer Marina Hoermanseder, who, like us, has her roots in Austria. What can we say? Birds with the same plumage. Her modern interpretation of the feminine silhouette and the sophisticated design match perfectly with the values ​​of Wolford. The close exchange with the designers in the creation process has always been very important for us and we are happy to continue this tradition in the future with young talents. “

Marina Hoermanseder for Wolford during the parade.

Detail of the stockings designed by Marina Hoermanseder for Wolford during the parade.

Eccentric looks that emphasizes an elegant feminine silhouette, but that does not show fragility. Wolford and Hoermanseder’s woman is an elegant and strong figure who likes to enhance her curves in an original and exclusive way. And this is demonstrated in this collaboration that will be forthcoming for sale.