Graphic design, music, technology… the current fashion grows through all kinds of influences, and this eclecticism is reflected in one of the main windows of menswear: the Italian fair Pitti Immagine Uomo.

This year the winter edition will be held from 10 to 17 January in Florence, and the dance will be the leitmotif of rooms and activities. “Tell me how you dance and I will tell you how you dress, say from Pitti while reviewing the broad freedom of personal styles that shares the dance and contemporary fashion. In Horse Magazine, we spoke with Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communication, who explains the news of the meeting and the leading fashion trends today.


More than 35,000 visitors came to the winter edition last year to see what is new in menswear

Pitti Immagine Uomo will allocate an equivalent space to six soccer fields to show this month the latest trends for man: more than 1,200 brands (about thirty are Spanish) will present their collections of garments and men’s accessories to more than 35,000 visitors expected in this edition. Germany, Japan, the United States, France, Britain and Russia are among the countries represented, in which can be found classic creations and new talent, with the most current style trends.

Youth and quality for men’s fashion

Pitti Immagine Loves Mini, Fashion Bass and My Boss are some of the areas where innovation and creativity join the most contemporary proposals from the hand of emerging designers (in fact, of the 210 new brands of this year, most of them point to this sector: the lifestyle, urban culture, the most fashion).

According to Cianchi, “young people have maintained their creativity and a natural tendency to innovation, to freshness. However, they are now much more aware that to make a good product, they must also offer quality. In general the level is much higher.”

Paul Smith, ‘special guest’

At Pitti you will see several personalities from the world of fashion, as the Belgian stylist Tim Coppens (finalist of the LVMH 2014 Award and winner of CFDA Swarosvski that year), who in his latest creations melts tailoring, crafts and sports clothing. Or the Brit style icon Paul Smith, special guest at the Italian fair, where he will show his collection PS by Paul Smith, a fusion of sumptuous performance effects, ergonomic cuts and technological fabrics.


Paul Smith (in a portrait of Caran d’Ache), on the left, and the Belgian stylist Tim Coppens

“One of the trends today is the great research that is being done in fabrics, also with respect to technology and the possibilities it offers,” Cianchi explains, who predicts that “in the future, there will be elements of communication and show linked to fashion as the clothes that change color or store data that already exist now. Nevertheless, I think the most important thing is that technology will affect the functionality of dresses, that is, improving the experience of wearing a particular clothing. Now people move more: they go to the gym, they move out, go to work… innovation will work hard on this aspect.”


In addition to technology, in Pitti Immagine Uomo there will be room for ecofabrics. An example is the Spanish company Ecoalf, which makes refined garments from fishing rods, tire wheels and even coffee. “There is more awareness among consumers and that also reaches brands,” says Cianchi, “but regardless of the source material, fashion will always look a certain preciousness in the fabrics.”

ecoalf-pitti-magazine-horse-2-men's fashion

The Spanish company Ecoalf makes all its clothes and accessories with recycled fabrics

Japanese talent

In the eight-day fair, we will see news from major international brands, emerging and refined young artisans. And proposals from around the world. At the forefront of fashion, there are the most leading countries today, according to Cianchi: Italy, France, England, America or Japan (the latter for their research in fabrics). China, for now, has no place in this VIP list, says the manager. “Concerning a decade ago, Chinese creations are much better, but still not have enough quality. Although, I am sure eventually they will arrive”.

Traductor: Raquel  Sánchez