The Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean was held last September 28th. Organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, this solidarity event raised 12 million euros to support initiatives that promote a sustainable ocean.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Charlène of Monaco and the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, president of the foundation, were the honorary attendees of a gala full of personalities from the world of cinema and art in general. Madonna, Eva Longoria, Martin Scorsese, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andy Garcia, Kevin Spacey, Tobey McGuire or Adrien Brody were among the guests.


HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Charlène of Monaco and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean

400 assistants committed to the environment

The 400 attendees to the gala, hosted in the Terraces of the opera of Monte Carlo, collaborated actively with the cause participating in the auction which was organized for fund-raising. Among the most curious objects auctioned we can find: a watch or a box of cigars of the personal property of the prince; a Picasso drawing from 1916; a photo of Grace Kelly on her wedding day of which there are only two copies, the one auctioned and another one belonging to Cartier, along with a collage of dried leaves made by her. Two private dinners with the princes in the palace, for which the princess even offered to cook personally or the possibility for two people to participate as extra in Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming movie. This last possibility was auctioned for the impressive figure of 1,200,000 euros.


The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation organized the event

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, with 11 years of experience in promoting the development of clean energy and responsible water management, acted that night as a backdrop of a growing concern: how to protect the environment and fight the effects of climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger release documentaries based on the environment

A concern that not only reaches institutions, foundations or governments but involves public figures and companies of all kinds. Among those attending the gala we can find some examples of people committed to the planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who was also honored during the evening with the prize of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for his outstanding actions for the preservation of the planet, is known for his interest in the world of environmentalism. One of his last projects in this area will be released next October 30th and it is the documentary “Before the Flood”. Counting on the collaboration of National Geographic and with the production of Martin Scorsese, its objective is to bring the issue of climate change and its consequences on the planet to the greatest number of people and generate in them a globalized awareness and, thus, create a population that witnesses the horrors that pollution causes in ecosystems.


HSH The Prince Albert of Monaco during the gala

Another of the assistants has been protagonist in the last days due to a production related to the environment. Arnold Schwarzenegger presented at the San Sebastian Film Festival “Wonders of the Sea”, a documentary that immerses us in a journey through the oceans with the aim of raising awareness about the treasures of the sea and the need to preserve them. Narrated and produced by Schwarzenegger himself and directed by Jacques Cousteau’s son, it is one of the many initiatives that, like the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, are being carried out by the different personalities to take conscience and to contribute their bit.

The Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, an initiative of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

A trend that goes beyond good disinterested actions and that is beginning to introduce itself more and more strongly in the brand spirit of some of the most important companies on the planet. Within the world of fashion, this eco-consciousness has created a multitude of committed companies, but it has also caused major brands to be more involved with using sustainable lines: Zara Join Life, H&M Concious, TopShop Reclaim, ASOS Africa or Nike Considered are just a few.

Companies, brands, foundations, public figures or each one of us. Environmental awareness is increasingly present and, with the support of actions such as those of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which is committed to more than 340 initiatives from both public and private organizations and in the fields of research, education and development at an international level, we help maintain the path of sustainability.