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It all started with a creative mind and a too-quiet train ride between Lausanne (Switzerland) and Paris. Like almost all good ideas, the Mood ring Mood is based on a simple but novel concept. A single ring of the highest quality but with infinite possibilities for customization. And is that many times we look for timeless design jewelry, pieces that last forever, but forever usually ends up being synonymous with boring. Therefore, the idea of Mood rings is to take a simple and androgynous steel base and customize it to infinity.

Base            –               Addon           –              Base

How did Mood come up with this customizable ring? The key lies in its unique mechanism. The base of the ring is formed by two separable pieces of steel. A structure of clean profiles and minimalist aesthetics that leaves a central space free for the imagination. That’s where the addon, the interchangeable pieces designed by Mood to suit your look, your personality, your mood, your next event or that special person you want to give it to. .

anillo personalizable

Black base and R2D2 addon in carbon fiber.

anillo personalizable

Silver addon with fine rings of different colors.

anillo personalizable

Steel 3D design (limited edition).


Aluminum, copper and silver addon

Different textures, colors and materials for different occasions

Now that summer is coming, we spend much more time outdoors, at the beach or practicing sports and we tend to leave the jewelry at home for fear of damaging them or because they are too formal. For example multicolored acetate, wood, with beach designs, etc.. There are a multitude of addon vibrant and cheerful to combine with its steel base resistant to the longest summer days.

anillo personalizable

Collection of translucent addons.

anillo personalizable

Holi collection inspired by the Festival of Colors celebrated in India during February or March. All the accessories in this collection are handmade and are never the same.


Addons with messages and symbols. It can also be customized for you

Each addon tells a different story: a trip to Africa, Japan, etc. Different textures, colors, materials and the best thing is that you don’t have to choose just one.

anillo personalizable

Collection of addons inspired by Japan.

anillo personalizable

Ebony and black olive wood rings with black or white engraved symbols.

anillo personalizable

Translucent polymer ring in black olive tree with leopard print.

The wide variety of the brand’s creations means that there is a model for every occasion and for every person. A jewel is a very special gift and reminds us of specific moments. For example, the city where we grew up, a great trip, a great event told through a jewel. The brand also offers the possibility of engraving some of its models to make them even more unique. 

anillo personalizable

Silver, aluminum and shiny designs.

A perfect ring for the day to day but also for the evening. Its most exclusive designs in rose gold, silver or with rhinestones elevate the simplicity of the ring to another level.

anillo personalizable

Romantic rings in rose gold, shiny and printed with hearts.

A customizable ring that adapts to each individual

A piece of jewelry is an accessory that can tell a lot about us. In other words, it goes far beyond finding something that matches a specific look. It’s about personality, a feeling, an intention and how we want to express them. The simplicity of the base and the great variety of addon allow these rings to adapt to all kinds of people, from the most zen to the most hardcore.  .

anillo personalizable

Addon in silver, aluminum, bronze or stainless steel, perfect for everyday use.

The Mood rings can be purchased at the boutique of the firm in Barcelona,  located at Carrer dels Flassaders, 36, or through its online store.