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At this year’s Nobel Awards, to be held between December 5 and 13 in Stockholm (Sweden), about fifteen venues  will be illuminated for Nobel Week.

Some of the places in the Swedish capital that will host this light show during Nobel Week, December 5 and 13, are Stockholm City Hall (Hantverkargatan 1), Sergels Torg, the Concert Hall (Hötorget, 8), the Royal Dramatic Theater (Nybroplan, 111), the Stockholm City Museum (Ryssgården, 116) and the Nobel Prize Museum (Stortorget ,2). These buildings are just some of those that will be the scene of spectacular and artistic lighting installations. The Fête des Lumières de Lyon has been an inspiring festival for Nobel Week Lights Stockholm.


The Nationalmuseum illuminated in red

A show adapted to the current situation

All the installations can be experienced in the open air while maintaining a safe distance from the rest. They will be illuminated from evening until late at night and it is not necessary to see them during specific hours. The aim is also to make the facilities digitally available.


The illuminated streets of Stockholm

Several installations have had Nobel Prize winners as a source of inspiration. For example. Images of the confines of space will be projected on the facade of Stockholm City Hall. This installation is one of the largest video mappingprojects ever seen in the city. The Swedish National Space Board and the European Space Agency have collaborated on the project. Specifically, the inspiration comes from the Physics Prize of this year, awarded for the discovery of one of the strangest phenomena in the universe: the black holes.


Mapping in the City Hall building

At Sergels Torg (Sergel Square), Helmet Experience Design will fill the square with dancing shadows in all the colors of the rainbow. In Kungsträdgården Park (Jussi Björlings allé, 111) and the suburbs of Skärholmen, people will be able to experience designer Alexander Lervik’s luminescent swings. Artist Aleksandra Stratimirovicwill be in charge of the light show on the facade of the Nationalmuseum (Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2). The Nobel Prize Museum located at  Stortorget (Great Square) in Gamla Stan (Historic Center) will receive an installation by Tobias Rylander and Sahara Widoff that relates to the museum’s new exhibition on the Nobel Banquet.

Illuminating in times of darkness

The creators and producers of this project: Lara Szabo Greisman, Annika Levin and Alexandra Manson and Helmet, tell that their idea for the light installations is to “spread joy with discovery, awaken curiosity and challenge visitors to see Stockholm with new eyes“. It is hoped that this pilot version will not be the only one and moremay be carried out in the future. This initiative has been carried out in collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum. Together with the support of the City of Stockholm, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the Institut Français de Suède, along with other partners and enlightenment.


View of the facade of Stockholm City Theatre

All images made by Per Kristiansen

Making use of Stockholm’s most iconic buildings as a backdrop for fantastic lighting installations will illuminate the daily lives of many Stockholm residents during the darkest part of the year,” says Anna König Jerlmyr, mayor of Stockholm.

Lars Heikensten, executive director of the Nobel Foundation explains: “This year is also unique in the history of the Nobel Prize, as many of the activities of the week take place online. Therefore, we are particularly happy to be able to invite the public to an experience in an outdoor environment that spreads light and hope “.