The prestigious international festival of contemporary art Art Basel Miami Beach closed its doors last sunday and for four days hosted more than 250 galleries worldwide and more than 70,000 visitors. Art lovers, collectors and artists from around the world come every year to enjoy the Miami Art Week, a week of artistic celebration full of art fairs, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and decorated streets.

One of the most prominent and increasingly applauded initiatives of recent years are the powerful murals painted of graffiti on Wynwood Walls.

wynwood mural - art basel miami - magazine horse

The mural of the Italian artist Píxel Pancho

art basel miami - wynwood murals - magazine horse

The walls, replete with creations of different styles. This work is by Dasic

Wynwood district, located in North Miami, is recognized in the art world for being a true openair museum that presents huge and spectacular urban art murals made by the best international street performers.

Now it is a modern district full of trendy art galleries, clubs and bars. It was conceived in 2009 by the urban restaurateur Tony Goldman, who completely transformed this district previously full of disused warehouses. Those empty buildings passed away to another life turning into macro canvases of the best works of urban art and they found their importance later at the Art Basel Miami Beach.


Artist Tatiana Suárez also left her imprint on Wynwood

Twelve new murals

During this time, Miami becomes the showplace par excellence, is when museums and galleries in the city take the opportunity to present their most attractive works. The same applies to the murals of Wynwood, whose program this year was named Fear Less. With this theme in common, this December twelve new murals were made by recognized artist and other new ones in the panorama of Street art.

Throughout the week AVAF (Brazil), Dasic Fernandez (Chile), Faith47 (South Africa), Findac (UK), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Risk (CA, USA), Tatiana Suarez (FL, USA), Ken Hiratsuka (Japan), the Argentinian Felipe Pantone (who lives in Valencia) and the one from Santander Okuda. Pantone and Okuda are both in the vanguard of urban art that blends conventional graffiti with geometric shapes, fonts and abstract figures that create an ultra-modern aesthetic that complements and contrasts with urban landscapes.

Art Basel Miami Beach - magazine horse - wynwood murals

Geometric shapes, features of Okuda

Art Basel Miami- magazine horse - wynwood murals

The futuristic air of the works of the Argentinian Felipe Pantone

In addition, always within the framework of the Art Basel Miami Beach, Garden House opened in Wynwood Walls, an exhibition of original works of many artists art of Wynwood Walls. Many of the works were paintings and sculptures never seen before. Among the artists are Crash, Daze, Logan Hicks, The London Police, Case, Hueman Inti Pose or FE47.

art basel miami - magazine horse - wynwood murals

The new creations coexist with those of previous years, such as the one of the American Logan Hicks (in the image above) or that of the German Casel (below)

graffiti - Art Basel - magazine horse - wynwood walls

In Horse Magazine, we are attentive to global artistic initiatives and, especially, to innovative creations that express creativity in different formats, without borders. We invite you to enjoy a dip in the Art Basel Miami Week to discover the artists and the most important trends.


Editor: Núria Botella

Traslator: Raquel Sánchez

Main image: Findac

Photos: Martha Cooper