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The creativity of Nani Marquina and Jaime Hayon merges, resulting in a story created through bridges between two creative minds.

The webcam is turned on and through the zoom starts one of the warmest interviews ever made through the screen. Be Original Americas, presents Woven Talks, a chat between Nani Marquina, Maria Piera & Jaime Hayon moderated by John Edelman, the ambassador of Be Original Americas.

This fusion presents on the one hand the experience of Nani, the audacity of María, and the freshness of Jaime. Jaime Hayon has one of the most brilliant careers in contemporary design in his backpack. Until 2004, when he decided to develop on his own, he worked as a designer with Fabrica, run by Benetton in Italy. It is this experience in creccendo that he sits down to talk to us about today.

Jaime Hayon talks to us about talent:

“however much talent a body may contain, if you don’t fuse it with constancy and hard work you will hardly achieve half of what you could have achieved”.


Silhouette and outdoor de Hayon x Nani.

From another screen we see the faces of Nani Marquina and Maria Piera Marquina. Nani created nanimarquina in 1987 as a brand dedicated to the design, edition and distribution of carpets and textile articles. For years she has been collaborating with internationally renowned designers. Thus, the first author who bets for the carpets of author arises.

The two authors give shape to Hayon x Nani, a dreamlike, crazy collection with a great sense of humour. A creation that, seen from the outside, may look crazy and disorderly, but at close range, every piece and caricature makes sense.


Making off of Silhouette’s Hayon x Nani collection.

Jaime laughingly confesses that he knew he would collaborate with Nani, but he didn’t know when:

I knew I would work with Nani but I didn’t know when, that happens to me because I look at the work of people I admire from far away.

Nani from her screen verbally embraces Hayon. She claims that she would always have a project on the table with Jaime and tells us that he is a hard worker and an excellent designer.

Nani Marquina tells Magazine Horse that she had a carpet full of drawings in mind. Hayon took this advice and formulated the first Hayon x Nani rug and it has been a great success. This success must be the result of the good connection between them that Jaime talks about.

Silhouette indoor by Hayon x Nani.

Jaime Hayon tells us how it is the day to day that gives you inspiration. He believes that nowadays we see many things in 2D, because we see the image through the screen. The designer argues that we see the image but we don’t see beyond it, as the inspiration of walking down the street, contact with people, everyday life and “living” are the elements that nourish him most artistically. In fact, she wants to return to human contact, to “discovering things”.

Maria Piera Marquina, daughter of Nani Marquina also appears in the interview. Maria believes that technology really helps us. Because of the pandemic, values have changed and also the way of doing things.

Maria Piera confesses that:

“At the beginning the fear of not being able to meet was present, but now I have learned to be more flexible and to move faster.”

Maria points out that it is like changing your brain, because you totally change the way you see the world and the way you work. Readapting is the word Maria defines.


Rectangular from the Hayon x Nani collection.

Like every good idea, successful and with a background, the authors have received a wave of counterfeits. All three designers have an optimistic and similar view on this. Jaime points out that everyone is constantly making things, and it is very difficult not to agree with the creativity of others.

Jaime makes it clear that copying doesn’t work, that it must be an inspiration, because otherwise creativity will die.

without inspiration creativity would die, but it is very important that it is an inspiration and not a “copy of”.

Maria thinks that sometimes they have an internal struggle because it is so easy to copy. They prefer to avoid the courts and fight through communication, through the brand being really seen and recognised.


Hayon x Nani silhouette outdoor and close-up.

Maria Piera confesses that:

My father collected our copies and I am relieved to see that none of them have improved the reality.

As the conversation progresses, Nani Marquina tells us that he has more and more FoQ in terms of sustainability, and that is why he is working on a circular economy and recycled fibre project. This step is very important, because social awareness and the values it propagates are urgent for the planet. In fact, Nani Marquina confesses that they have many sustainable projects on the table.

Silhouette. A new collection for Indoor and Outdoor use from the Hayon x Nani collection.

To finish Jaime Hayon gives interior designers a piece of advice:

there is a teaching process, where you show that your piece is unique and from there you find someone who trusts what you do.

He concludes this advice with a “carry on”. Making it clear that if you trust what you do, and you are able to communicate it, someone will be able to see your work.