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Overcoming the signs of aging and maintaining a well-groomed skin is possible thanks to facial creams and advanced neurocosmetic techniques.

After the summer it is very important to take intensive care of the skin to prepare it for winter. One of the ways to do this is with neurocosmetics, which promotes the well-being of the skin and also of the person.

Advanced neurocosmetics to achieve a cared-for skin

Apart from the sun and age, our skin can also be affected by many other factors. For example, anxiety. The skin is connected to the central nervous system and the circulatory system, so any change we suffer can affect it.

Facial stress is a real problem that is increased by the frenetic lifestyle we lead. In addition, blue light from screens, sleep schedules, pollution and temperature changes also have a negative effect.

Therefore, it is very important to develop a daily facial care routine. But, we must also take into account the mental wellness. To do this, we can meditate a few minutes every day, practice mindfulness, have good eating habits or learn to do self-massage.


Learning to do self-massage with the Facialderm roll on can reduce facial stress.

An anti-aging and anti-stress facial routine

To combat facial stress, it is necessary to have a daily routine adapted to our skin type. Facialderm, the leading Spanish brand in neurocosmetics, offers facial creams and other anti-stress and anti-aging products.

Facialderm has a line of Booster Serums that meet different needs: anti-spot, repairing, lifting, pore reduction or anti-pollution and anti-blue light. All feature advanced technology and are anti-stress. There are also face creams for combination-oily or normal-dry skin. All creams are anti-aging and anti-stress, following the line of neurocosmetics and skin care.


On the left, the C2 anti-aging and anti-stress cream for combination-oily skin. On the right, the booster 01 lifting and anti-stress serum.

Finally, Facialderm also offers face, eye and even foot masks. Also, a firming facial beauty roller covered with zinc alloy to perform a relaxing yet stimulating massage on face, neck and shoulders. Their website has a efficacy test showing the before and after results when using their products for 28 days. A notorious difference to guarantee the success of Facialderm products. In addition, Facialderm offers a sample pack so you can test the effects of their products on your skin.


Images courtesy of Facialderm.