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Written by: Laura Arenas
Serum has become a revolutionary product it seems for this fall.

With high concentrations of active ingredients, which quadruples the effect of a conventional cream, and with an extra add of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, plant extracts, acids and other components of anti -aging effect, the serum has become the most effective treatment to battle aging.  With it’s enormous efficiency when only applying a small amount to the face, neck, neckline, achieves an immediate lifting effect, restructures, firms, soothes, and smoothes the skin all in a single application.  The most exclusive cosmetics brands have incorporated this beauty treatment to currently being one of the most popular from the rest.



Description: Thanks to the natural active 3.5-DA* alter obtaining a 12 year of investigation, which has the power to regulate the same gene expression and patented molecule Resveratrol-12 reaffirms from within the skin continuously for 12 hours, LE LIFT has become an intensive corrector that strengthens the anti-aging effectiveness to a more tone, firm, and smooth skin. The powerful tensor and soothing endures for 12 hours. The epidermis recovers its thickness and density which the skin becomes more firm from the inside and wrinkles are smoothed.

Container: 30 ml & 50 ml.
Price: 111,20€


Product: New dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum
Description: Provides volumen and smooths the face, working in all aspects of the skin: dimensions, density, and definition. These three actions help to define the facial surroundings so that the face will look perfect in all angles. With its modern technology it helps to better the volume, density, and restore natural skin structure.

The powerful active ingredients bring strength, firmness, and elasticity from “inside out.” This innovative serum is applied over clean skin before adding the moisturizer.

Container: 30ml / Price: 90€
Container: 50ml / Price: 130€


Product: Resveratrol lift firming serum

The Resveratrol lift collection has been designed to act on the origin of aging and restore skin volume and firmness.
Description: This oil-free serum, penetrates instantly and restructures the skin deep to restore firmness and elasticity. The skin appears younger, the outlines are remodeled, and the wrinkles alleviate. Apply on nights on the face, neck, and neckline.

Clinical results: reaffirmed skin: 96%, high cheekbones: 80%.

Container: 30ml
Price: 50.40€


Product: Skin Caviar Liquid Lift
Description: Anti-gravity serum that enhances and reinforces the skin providing long lasting affects. Presented with the iconic Skin Caviar pearls, this formula presents scientific advances that reduce damage to the external skin, nourishing, and protecting it. Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, represents the science, luxury, and the heart of The Skin Cavier Collection.
Container: 50ml
Price: 430€

La Prairie - Skin caviar

Product: Blue Therapy Accelerated Sérum
Description: Fast-acting serum softens and brightens the skin instantly. Its highly concentrated in algae and plankton extracts, it battles the three visible signs of aging: wrinkles, dark spots, and lack of firmness. The skin is softer and smoother instantly after two weeks. After 4 weeks, expression lines, spots, and wrinkles significantly reduce.

  • Face texture improves 92% of women
  • Skin appears radiant and luminous 89% of women
  • Skin feels softer 97% of women

(Evaluation out of 61 women)
Container: 30ml / Price: 60,90€
Container: 50ml / Price: 70.90€