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Are you thinking of changing your perfume? We present you the most relevant novelties in men’s fragrances of the season

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Gentleman Réserve Privée by Givenchy

In 2017, Maison Givenchy reinvents the iconic perfume launched by Hubert de Givenchy in 1975, adapting it to this era. An excellent balance between strength and sensitivity. This new version of Gentleman inaugurates a line of bold fragrances to which the lily, with its floral and powdery signature, confers a note of supreme sophistication.

Gentlemen Réserve Priveé de Givenchy

Perfumes Gentlemen Réserve Priveé by Givenchy

For Gentlemen Réserve Privée, the brand’s perfumers were inspired by the world of liquors, more precisely, by that of a whisky made in Scotland. Like the master distillers of the most prestigious pure malt whisky producers, the perfumers turned to the search for excellence and the perfect essence to create an unprecedented juice.

Thus is created this intoxicating fragrance, in which the elegant floral notes contrast with the woody depths of whisky. This unique eau de parfum combines the olfactory universes and unique know-how of a master distiller of whisky and two master perfumers.

When Hubert de Givenchy created the bottle of the first Gentleman fragrance in 1975, he was inspired by the flask of English gentlemen. Now it comes with a reinterpreted design, with a refined silhouette of slightly curved lines and slender profile.
Gentleman Réserve Privée 60 ml – 79€ | Gentleman Réserve Privée 100 ml – 103,5€.

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

The new version of the fragrance “Y” Eau de Toilette returns to the origins of the perfume with a fine balanced formula that allows each note to resonate with the previous one to achieve an incredible trail, a unique signature and a spectacular duration. It revives the freshness of the original fragrance with a dose of bergamot over the intense nuance of ginger and geranium note.

With a fresh and bold twist on an iconic masculine fragrance, “Y” has been created around exquisite ingredients developed especially for Yves Saint Laurent. In this custom palette, key natural materials were deconstructed and re-structured using avant-garde techniques. Among these ingredients are lavender Diva from France, sage from Provence and geranium bourbon heart from Madagascar..

Perfumes Y de Yves Saint Laurent

Perfumes Y by Yves Saint Laurent

A fresh and aromatic fragrance, but at the same time intense and masculine that begins with touches of lavender and sage. Gradually it melts introducing new fruity notes such as gerani or, leaving as a base a spicy woody scent that takes us to East Asia.

To reflect the freshness of the new perfume, it comes in a sophisticated transparent glass bottle that reveals the crystalline blue scent. In addition, it contains a “Y” in silver that crosses the square lines of the container, which turns the bottle into an irresistible piece of design.

“Y” by Yves Saint Laurent 60 ml – 78,50€ | “Y” by Yves Saint Laurent 100 ml – 106€.

Habit Rouge L’instinct by Guerlain

In homage to the equestrian art, Jean-Paul Guerlain created the first oriental fragrance of perfumery for men in 1965. Habit Rouge evokes the famous riders’ red jacket. This fragrance is a combination of earth, warm leather and forest…. It is a figure of prestige, a reflection of dominance and a powerful and refined instinct.

Perfumes Habit Rouge L'instinct de Guerlain

Perfumes Habit Rouge L’instinct by Guerlain

Habit Rouge, the first amber perfume for men, pays tribute to the equestrian art, both the mastery of man and the strength of the animal. With Habit Rouge L’Instinct, Guerlain’s masculine legend is reinvented through a spirit of freedom and power, the spirit of an untamed horse whose fierceness and strength inspire a new Intense Eau de Toilette.

This new fragrance brings a blow of free air to the legend by reinventing its emblematic olfactory signature: hemp exalts rose and boldly vibrates the mythical accord of patchouli, vanilla and leather.

The square bottle with clean lines and luxurious silhouette is inspired by a model of Guerlain’s heritage. Its matt and dense cap borrows the guilloché engraving from the world of watchmaking.

Habit Rouge l’Instinct 100ml- 100€ | Habit Rouge l’Instinct 50ml – 73€.

These will be the star perfumes for this spring-summer 2022. Which one do you choose?