The Row is the small empire that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins have created in the fashion industry.  From 18 years, the sisters began this project as designers, creative directors and stylists, making The Row an authentic luxury brand.


The idea arose when the Olsen girls came to New York for studying at the University in 2004. Their first design was a simple white shirt but with high quality that was an incredible sales success  in spite of having a price of $ 300. Their first collection had only with seven items: this shirt, leggings and one cashmere dress.

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Its materials are exquisite, very well made, with a perfect cut and excellent quality, factors that make them, along with a minimalist, timeless design and a little masculine, objects of desire for the fashionistas and make them one of the most anticipated and unique shows in the New York Fashion Week. Their success comes not only for creating trend collections, they also sit among the guests, they approach the public and connect to their clients. Although the collections could be for any age, The Row target audience is women aged between 40 and 50 years; sophisticated women who appreciate the fabrics and design.


A successfully brand in crescendo that has been awarded twice by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), one in 2012 to the designers of the year and another in 2014 for best accessories brand, and has a long list of outlets in the best boutiques, department stores and shops of the brand itself.

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