Written by: Mar Cinca

Everyday we grow conscious of the advantages of consuming organic produce, both for our own health and the preservation of the environment. Nevertheless, few of us have actually thought of the beauty products we use daily on our bodies. The chemical ingredients in them are absorbed through our skin, which can give us allergic reactions, and, even if we may not see it, toxic sediments get settled in our body.

Right now, since its use it’s not too widespread, organic cosmetics aren’t controlled by any specific legislation, so they follow the same rules as those on organic food. Thus we consider organic beauty the one that solely has ingredients produced in an organic way, avoiding the use of synthetic materials.

Same as with organic produce, organic beauty products protect the environment and the living creatures who live in it, and avoids chemicals that may harm human health.

The british brand Lush has made organic, vegetarian and non tested on animals beauty products available to mainstream consumers; with an extense product range that goes from bath bombs, shower soaps, shampoos or makeup to moisturizers or exfoliators. They use few preservatives, so their products have an expiration date, because of its natural product formulation; just like with food items.

HandMade Beauty, an organic cosmetic brand based in Madrid, avoids using filler ingredients that aren’t natural; this way all its ingredients have a function, such as, for instance, the use of vegetable oils to achieve a deep and lasting moisturizing feeling on the skin thanks to fatty acids. You can also get organic and fair trade beauty treatments in their salon.

In Barcelona we can find JC Apotecari, a boutique specialized in cosmetic brands that are hard to find in our country. It has a section dedicated to ecologic, organic, and non-toxic brands; of which we can find a list in their webpage, which also is their online shop for those customers who can’t reach their physical store.


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