We look for experiences. Diners willing to pay a certain amount of money for a meal or dinner in a restaurant and that want to go beyond satisfying their food needs. The goal is to satisfy the taste, and also the rest of the senses. We look for sensations, and sometimes they are achieved through gastronomy, and other times with the physical or virtual environment. These sensations are the ones we are going to refer to in the following lines, presenting some of the most unique restaurants in the world.

Have dinner underground

There are restaurants in exceptional locations that can be by land, sea and air. Well, let’s start with a terrestrial one. An underground one. It is the Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant located in Diani Beach, Kenya. Its name is a word game that alludes to the surname of the owners, the “cave of Ali Barbour”. In this cave you can also find treasures, but in this case they are the dishes cooked mainly with fresh fish from the neighboring Indian Ocean. Exquisite marine pleasures that are tasted in the special atmosphere generated by the hundreds of candles that illuminate the restaurant.

Ali Barbour is considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the world

Dinner in the sky

Dinner in the sky has become a spectacle that travels the planet, making it possible to dine on the most spectacular squares and cities around the globe. An ingenuity that is produced thanks to a giant crane that lifts a platform with capacity for 22 diners, in addition to the chefs and waiters. Because up there you meet with renowned chefs who cook before your eyes, who want to see anything, except the abyss that separates them from heaven. Where is it possible? Right now, for example, in Dubai, but in spring it will begin to return to Europe, as migratory birds. In this way it will tour several countries, including a classic, the city of Brussels where it will be from June 7th to 24th, 2018.

Although there are still months for Dinner in the Sky to return to Europe, you can, must, make a reservation

Back in the Indian Ocean

From the sky we dive into the depths of the Maldives islands. There awaits Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. A place that proposes us to taste the best cuisine while it seems that we dive in a long glass vault that allows us to contemplate the underwater panorama. Hundreds, thousands of small tropical fish swim there, but other larger fish such as rays or sharks also come before diners. That is, the name of the pearl (the translation of “ithaa”) does not deceive, and here we have a real treasure in the coral reef.

The Ithaa in Maldives, one of the most unique restaurants in the world

In much more icy waters

From the tropics of the Maldives we go to the south coast of Norway. The first submarine restaurant in Europe is being created there. A project of difficult execution, given the working conditions due to the temperatures of Scandinavia, and even more under water. But the prestigious architecture studio Snøhetta has taken on this challenge and has designed an attractive and innovative building that will house the Under restaurant, which will leave those waters to receive approximately 100 guests who will have the opportunity to eat in a place that is absolutely uninhabitable.

The Under restaurant will also have a scientific study area on underwater life

The coldest one of the restaurants

The next step, if we keep lowering temperatures, is to think of an ice restaurant. Well, it exists. It is the Snowland and it’s in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi. There, very close to Santa Claus Village, this gigantic igloo awaits us, which can be extremely cozy. But of course, always wearing the right clothes, and we do not mean all dressed up, but wearing good coats while you sit down to eat the traditional dishes of Lapland, where there is no shortage of fresh fish and especially a good soup to temper the organism.

We can breathe the quintessence of Lapland in the restaurant Snowland

Dine blindly

As we said at the beginning, the current most attractive restaurants offer us, above all, different and special experiences. How about trying to eat or dine in complete darkness? Without the sense of sight, and having to multiply the rest of our senses. Undoubtedly, the culinary experience based on taste and smell reaches very high levels, but also the hearing or touch are very important to enjoy every moment and try to discover what surrounds us. In short, something that you have to live, and that is possible in the Dans Le Noir restaurant in Barcelona, which since last June has a new adventure partner in Madrid.

You will not be able to see what the photo shows during your visit to Dans Le Noir

Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with diamonds

And we finish this tour of fantastic and unique restaurants scattered around the world traveling to New York. There, another different experience awaits us. A place that offers us a dreamy experience. We talk about the restaurant Blue Box Café that Tiffany recently opened in the Fifth Avenue in New York. A place that goes beyond the gastronomic experience. In a city as cinematic as NYC, where any place brings to our mind film images, Tiffany’s new restaurant will undoubtedly remind all of its clients to one of the classic icons of the big screen: Audrey Hepburn and her dreamy breakfasts with diamonds.

Tiffany's Blue Box Café

Everything in Tiffany’s Blue Box Café has the design features that identify the company