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As every year, at the end of December, Pantone once again reveals the color trend that will captivate us the most in the coming year. The colors Ultimate Grey and Illuminating were chosen for 2021, and for 2022 Very Peri awaits us, a color that wants to convey the digitalized world around us..

The brand, pioneer in the use and composition of colors, has considered that this bluish tone with reddish hues conveys energy, novelty and creativity. Wanting to communicate a new vision of the world and placing the future in a new light.


OCA Low sneakers, a collaboration of Pantone and Cariuma, a sustainable sneaker brand

Very Peri is a symbol of the spirit of our current global era. After forced isolation, we start from scratch a reality different from how we shop or the way we relate to each other. But above all, how we enter that digital universe that we must explore and experience, knowing the digital trends, and uniting the physical and the virtual. Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, shares that the color of the year is a reflection of what society is looking for, and is perfect for representing today’s culture and globalization. 

The creation of a new color for the first time in the history of our Pantone Color of the Year educational color program reflects a process of innovation and transformation worldwide. As society recognizes colors as a fundamental form of communication and a way to express, capture, connect and influence ideas and emotions, this new shade of blue fused with purplish red highlights the range of possibilities before us.

Harmony and elegance

This bluish hue conveys warmth, carefree confidence and elegance, and is perfect for dressing up. From Pantone share that Very Peri offers a perfect harmony for the new year, with a futuristic feel. In addition, it can be applied to any material, finish and textures; from handcrafted fibers to shiny metals. For this last month we can already find shirts, bags, shoes or dresses. In fact, of the latter, they have already appeared as a novelty on the latest catwalks. Or personalities dressed in this shade as Lady Gaga at the premiere of House of Gucci in London.


Devotion mini bag in Dolce & amp; Gabbana lace, mixing the characteristic bluish shade



From left to right: Versace Autumn – Winter 2021 Collection, Prada crepe blouse, Versace Medusa La Greca sweater.

Delicacy and personality with Very Peri

In terms of beauty products, Very Peri combines with any skin type, giving a very personal creativity to the eyes, nails and even hair. The shade highlights the look with a few simple soft touches, intensifying the eyes making them light up in a natural way. For the lips, renowned brands such as L’Oreal or YSL offer a wide range of colors and finishes. Among them we can find the Very Peri, in matte or glossy finishes, leaving a soft sensation, and with high pigmentation that lasts day and night.


From left to right: Yves Saint Laurent Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, Lancome Eyeshadow Palette, Givenchy Le Vernis Nail Polish, MAC Matte Lipstick. Among the beauty brands we found different shades of lavender and purple.

Bringing interiors to life

For interiors, Very Peri is a very versatile tone with character. It brings modernity and freshness to spaces, giving life through perfect combinations. From Pantone convey that it is very appropriate to create and innovate in designs, and reinvent using different textures and materials. Giving color to walls, putting focus to armchairs or decorations with an enigmatic and striking touch.


Wood combines elegantly with any color that you accompany it. Very Perise conveys strength, life and elegance.


From left to right: Bubble armchair by Sacha Lakic, Steeple chair designed by Enrico Franzoni, Mineraux vase by Vanessa Mitrani. Interior complements by Roche Bobois, bringing life and color with its wide range of furniture offerings.

Roche Bobois dress our homes in an elegant and daring way. Very Peri conveys it, that warmth, but with strength, which highlights and emphasizes everything it colors. Small touches that give life to chairs, vases or lamps, perfect in conjunction with any material.

The future in our daily lives

Combining the energy of blue with the strength of red, from the brand comes the digital fantasy in which we find ourselves. A tone that is perfect for the eye, that does not harm, and is ideal for use in multimedia. Joining forces for digital design, Pantone has chosen Microsoft as a partner. Tinting with Very Peri all the brand’s products, from personalized backgrounds for Teams or Windows to a new template for PowerPoint. From Microsoft they understand the meaning of this new color, and have understood from the start the tonality and dependence on the digital tools we need to move forward.


Microsoft, one of Pantone’s partners for the new year 2022

For the second year, the brand has wanted to collaborate again with Priority Bicycles, creating a limited edition capsule collection. Wanting to bring the spirit of color to the streets with three different bike models. Coast, a single-speed beach cruiser, Classic Plus-Gotham Edition, a three-speed, and L Train, a seven-speed urban commuter.  Each bike is hand-painted, bearing the Pantone branding. Its touch blends with white, offering cleanliness and dynamism for touring the city.


Capsule collection with three bicycle models: Classic Plus-Gotham Edition, Coast and L-Train

To unveil the new color of 2022, Pantone has once again partnered with Artechouse, an immersive digital art space in New York. Inside, visitors have been able to immerse themselves and capture the natural transformation, visually and aurally. Celebrating, in this way, a new year full of novelties and colors.

Images provided by the brands mentioned   

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