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French industrial designer Philippe Starck together with Kartell one of the leading companies in the field of design, have designed a chair with artificial intelligence provided by Autodesk. Being the first design object conceived by this type of intelligence.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) collection is the combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence, what Starck calls “Natural Intelligence”. This chair has been created by an algorithm fulfilling the original requirements of being a comfortable, resistant and solid chair. At the same time, it also had to respect the aesthetic canons.


The chairs with their different colors. Image by

A pioneering chair

For the first time, Kartell uses 100% recycled material when producing AI chairs. So the company reuses industrial waste and transforms it to create the raw material for the chair, thus guaranteeing aesthetic quality while reducing the emissions required for its production. Specifically, they are made of recycled thermoplastic technopolymer with mineral filling and soft touch treatment.



Back and side view of the chair. Image by

This project is a leader in industrial design, as it is one of the most creative results ever achieved through generative design. The software prototype used by its creator has capabilities still being researched by Autodesk, a leading American company in the production of 3D engineering and entertainment software.

Artificial intelligence at the service of design

For the creation of this chair, generative design has been used. This is a design exploration technology that allows designers and engineers to enter their design goals, along with parameters such as materials, manufacturing methods and cost constraints. The software then explores all possible solutions by quickly generating design alternatives.

The artificial intelligence does not replace the creativity of the designer, which is fundamental for the company, but helps to speed up the prototyping and development process allowing earlier commercialization.

They can be purchased at Kartell stores around the world and also online. They are conceived to be used outdoors.