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Exclusivity, ephemeral, secrecy and roaming. Pop-up restaurants continue to be, nowadays, a rising trend in the gastronomy world. Inspired by the same name that is used to denominate the pop-up windows emerging in internet, these temporary restaurants offer their clients a one time experience allowing them to enjoy the boldest culinary proposals.

At his origins the concept was an underground essence, but a growing number of internationally famous chefs are adding up to this phenomenon that started in cities like London or New York, where the need to save some money in fix costs generated a new way of enjoying a special dinner. Pop-up restaurants offer original menus in unheard-off environments: from particular houses, basements or terraces to abandoned train stations, secret gardens or cosmopolitan studios. One of its main characteristics is, precisely, the anonymity of the participants, which makes the diner an interesting social experience. Furthermore the fact that the location and the menu are kept in secrecy until last minute ads a touch of mystery to this surprising evenings.

There is a growing number of pop-up restaurants that are transforming this alternative and initial clandestine essence into a statement in order to please the most demanding and bold palates. Magazine Horse presents you the proposals that succeeded to adapt this concept to the world of luxury and we offer you a brief selection of the most exclusive ones.

1. Gastronomic tour of Roca brothers

restaurantes pop up, magazine horse, lujo, gastronomia                                             The gastronomic tour of Roca brothers begins the 1 of August

The format chosen by Roca brothers consists in a tour to different countries working on the new version of the pop-up restaurants concept. For the third year in a row, during summer 2016, Roca brothers are closing Celler de Can Roca and along with the whole restaurant team they are going to head to different countries to show their personal cooking style and their gastronomical philosophy. This year thet are going to start in London (31 July – 7 August) afterwards there are passing by Hong Kong (8-13 August), Phoenix (14-19 August), San Francisco (20-27 August) and Santiago de Chile (28 August-4 september).

restaurantes pop up, magazine horse, lujo, gastronomiaJosep Roca says few words to a group of representatives of the chilean wine sector, during a lunch celebrated in the Santiago Vista Center for the purpose of the 2016 tour

“This is an enriching experience for all of us. The first year was quite complicated but now it is so much easier, we don’t have to explain it anymore, everyone understands” said Joan Roca. “It will be a period of five intense weeks but we wouldn’t change them for anything. They imply as well a very special moment of connivance with all the team, we end up growing stronger, more cohesive”.

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                                                                  Kitchen staff of Celler Can Roca

During their tour, Roca brothers select two hostelry students of each city they go. The objective is to promote local talent and to let young chefs the chance to live their dreams and be recognized and valued for their work. They offer 4 months scholarships that take place in the Roca restaurant in Girona.

The tour of the Roca Brothers can be followed on their social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Gingerline

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                   The bohemian and clandestine environment is still preserved in Gingerline

Outside of Spain, the Gingerline was pioneer in organizing diners in outraged environments, such as hidden spots all along East London since August 2010. It offers its guests a gastronomic experience of immersion. In its gatherings, people can, not just benefit from food, but also from the artistic component that flavors each one of these dinners with performances or emerging artistic collaborations, being even possible to purchase some of their works. “Our wish has always been to create exceptional gastronomical experiences, unpredictable and delicious for those who have an unexpected taste” assure their founders.

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                             The Gingerline surprises for its performances during the evenings

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                               Care and dedication in each one of the dishes that feature in Gingerline’s Menu

If you would fancy to enjoy the experience Gingerline offers in every one of its diners, you could make a reservation here. The next one is scheduled on the 18th of August 2016, even though its location still remains a mystery.

3. Thetableby

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                    Spaces adapt to the essence of the chefs who work for The Table By

The Table By is another pop-up restaurant, noticeable for offering a unique space to famous chefs during a limited period of time. Each one of them brings his essence and their savoir faire into the Urso Hotel&Spa in Madrid.
restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                       Diego Fernández, Begoña Rodrigo y Xanty Elias are some of the chefs from the last edition

In their last edition Diego Fernández, Andreu Genestra, Javier Olleros, Begoña Rodrigo, Oriol Ivern y Xanty Elías were part of the project, with theirs respective restaurants: Regueiro, Andreu Genestra, Culler de Pau, La Salita, Hisop y Acánthum.

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                             El joven mallorquí, Andreu Genestra, durante su estancia en The Table By

For the next edition it has been foreseen to reinforce the presence of the young talents who are willing to show their work in Madrid.  

Where: T 615 367 917 | Calle Beneficencia 15 | 28004 | Madrid

4. Dinner in the Sky

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                              The floating table is one of the greatest attractions of this pop-up restaurant

If we have to choose the one who has taken advantage of the essence of exclusivity and the unheard placement of the pop-up restaurants in order to adapt it to the world of luxury, we would choose without any doubt Dinner in the Sky. It consists in a table suspended in the air that has traveled through the most magical places in the world: Copacabana and Cape Town beaches, the Big Ben in London, the Duomo in Milan and Dubai’s Marina.

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                                                                              Dinner in the Sky, Beirut

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                                                                             Dinner in the Sky, Bruxelles

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                                                                             Dinner in the Sky, London

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                                                                                           Dinner in the Sky, Budapest

Their cooks are celebrities awarded with one or even several Michelin stars.

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia                   Dinner in the sky offers its guest the opportunity to enjoy typical meal of different countries

restaurantes pop up, horse mag, lujo, gastronomia

Guillame Gómez, from France, or Dani García, from Spain, are two of the famous chefs who took part in Dinner in the Sky

Where: In Spain you will find it in La Rambla Mestre Jaume Torrents, 104, 08430 La Roca del Vallès, Barcelona, 902 02 35 44

To be able to enjoy this magical evening make your reservations here.

In Magazine Horse we are fascinated by innovation and good food. Furthermore, the exclusivity felt when you realize that this experience will only be available for a limited amount of time, makes pop-up restaurants an ideal option to enjoy unforgettable evenings.