The options are reducing more and more when choosing a new and little frequented VIP corner without leaving the Iberian peninsula due to the arrival of the massive exodus of tourists searching the sun.

However, we are pleased to show you the new jewel of the Iberian crown: the unusually exclusive Comporta in Portugal, just one hour away from the south of Lisbon. This small town, situated at the southern end of the Troia peninsula, which does not reach 1500 inhabitants, hosts one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula. These are wild white dunes protected by law and which have adopted the ecochic philosophy of hotel management.


More than 60 kms. protected. White sands which form the Troia peninsula and protect the estuary of the Atlantic Sado river. Ph. Mauricio Abreu

Personalities of the European socialite such as Christian Louboutin, Jacques Grange, Philippe Stark, Anselm Kiefer or Carolina de Monaco have their own traditional ‘Comporta hut’ here because they use the saying ‘in order to live happily, live hidden’, although obviously not in the seashore of the more than 60 kilometers of protected white sands that adjoin the beautiful estuary of the Sado river.

This humble Portuguese town can be confused with any other town in the south of the country… until you enter and you find exclusive designer shops with scarves up to € 200 or dresses up to € 800, as well as supplies for sale of caviar, Himalayan rose salt or French cheese and champagne. It should be noted that these stores only open to the public in spring and summer, and certain weekends in the fall.

If you want to enjoy the splendid sunsets and excellent sunrises of Comporta, you can stay in some of the few authorized establishments. The Sublime Comporta reinvents the traditional fishermen houses in a luxury version. Property opened in 2014 and designed by José Alberto Charrua and Miguel Câncio Martins, known by Buddha Bar and Man Ray.

Aerial view of a Sublime Comporta villa. Nelson Garrido

You can also enjoy a relaxing Spa in the Sublime Comporta.

Terrace of the restaurant Sublime Comporta

The Ecochic management model prevails in the area, partly because it is protected by the Portuguese government.

Other non-premium alternatives are the eco hotels Las Casas na Areia or Cocoon Lodge, authentically integrated with the Alentejo nature.

The beaches in the area are crystal clear with moderate swell, although it is also advisable to go more to the south, to Praia do Pego, because it is more oceanic, ideal for water sports. Likewise, the region is full of cork oaks, vineyards and endless rice fields. It is precisely this cereal that has caused that the Rice Museum, which has a magnificent terrace-restaurant elevated above these rice fields, was built in an old rice factory.

Crystal clear beaches and natural dunes, close to the rice fields. Ph Mauricio Abreu

Another of the attractions of the place is to ride one of the many horses of Cavalos na Areia throught the arboreal hills, crossing the rice fields and, of course, the dunes of fine sand. And if at the end, you taste an exquisite octopus salad with light squid all of this washed down with a local rosé wine, the work has been perfectly done.

Cavalos na Areia offers you lovely walks along the length and width of the Alentejo coast.

And to get impregnated with the aromas of this untamed Atlantic region when you leave, do not forget to take a niche perfume Comporta designed by the lawyer and perfumer Pedro Dias, nicknamed the Evangelist of Essences. In this select line, Dias wanted to collect the smell of the sea breeze, the white sands, and the vast rice fields on those ethereal summer nights. With such eloquent names as Sela, Muda, Mosquito, Palafítico, Dona Bia or Areia Salgada, these fragrances can be acquired only in Portugal and in the store Le Secret du Marais of Madrid, or through its website.

6 exclusive fragrances that condense the best of the aromas of the region.

Now that you know the last VIP beach in the peninsula, do not run to tell your friends. The Portuguese wish that this remains their best kept secret. And frankly, we understand them perfectly. Muito obrigado.