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With the arrival of September we have very little of the summer season left, the vacations help us to relax and enjoy, but our hair returns to the routine somewhat damaged if we have not taken care of it during this time. It is therefore very important to choose the perfect products to repair your hair after the summer.

Salt from the sea, chlorine or exposure to strong sunlight are some of the reasons why our hair suffers from frizziness, dull color or dehydration. And now is the ideal time to devote time to its care with the best products to return to its splendor. Treatments for blonde or brunette hair, innovative and natural shampoos, serums and conditioners are complements that our hair may need, discover with us some perfect products to repair hair after the summer.

Balmain Hair Couture: Spray Ash Toner

In 2018, the brand launched Ash Toner, one of the best-selling products of Balmain Hair Couture, which not only prevents hair color from becoming strident due to chlorine or the sun, but also illuminates it.


Ash Toner, perfects and maintains the tone of blond hair

The color corrector, containing violet nuances, neutralizes yellowish tones to repair all types of blondes; natural, highlighted or dyed.

“As a leave-in spray, its effect is much more powerful than that of any specific purple shampoo because its pigments remain in the hair fiber,” explains Omar El Gharbawy, Master Trainer at Balmain Hair Couture.

The product is very easy to use, just spray 20 cm from wet or dry hair after each wash. A quick, light and moisturizing formula that does not require rinsing, which will gradually allow you to achieve a brighter and shinier tone. Although Ash Toner is designed for blond hair, the product is also suitable for white and even brown hair, preventing the latter from turning red or orange.

The Balmain firm is a reference in care and beauty products, and they also have fragrances such as Balmain Hair Perfume, which not only impregnates the scent, but also nourishes, repairs and protects the hair.

Size and price: 200ml – 29,50€.

Davines: Heart of glass

The Italian firm Davines has decided to create the new Heart Of Glass line, a set of four products aimed at the care and maintenance of both natural and color-treated blond hair.

Its formulation combines the latest generation technological ingredients with innovative natural raw materials, combined with a high percentage of naturalness and biodegradability in order to obtain products of proven efficacy in terms of cosmetic power and protective action.


The new Davines collection has been created exclusively for blond hair, with products that maintain and revitalize the hair after the summer.

This line is composed of:

  • Silkening Shampoo: Revitalizing shampoo with blue jagua extract. cleanses and restores shine to dull hair. The shampoo is applied to wet scalp and gently massaged. Sizes and prices:There are three different sizes of 90ml – 11,50€, 250ml – 24€ and 1000ml – 67€. 
  • Intense Treatment: Strengthening treatment for blond hair with biacidic bond complex and baobab extract. This product strengthens and repairs the hair fiber, preventing hair breakage, and is applied to wet ends. There are two different sizes of 150ml – 26,50€ and 750ml – 80€ 
  • Rich Conditioner: Strengthening and revitalizing conditioning balm with extracts of blue jagua, baobad and biacidic bond complex. There are three different sizes 90ml – 11,50€, 250ml – 30€ and 1000ml – 87€.
  • Sheer Glaze: Thermo-protective illuminating fluid containing fortifying botanical shield and baobad extract. The product should be applied evenly between 7-15 doses and brushed on. There is one size 150ml – 26,50€.

The following: Silkening Shampoo,Intense Treatment,  Rich Conditioner, Sheer Glaze   

All presented in recycled plastic bottles, and with a neutral carbon footprint. Carbon dioxide emissions generated during the life cycle of the products, except for the use phase, are offset through EthioTrees. A proprietary “offsetting” project with which Davines contributes to the regeneration of soil and forests in the northern Tigray region of Ethiopia, and at risk of desertification.

Moroccanoil: Dry Shampoo Light and Dark Tones

Hair color is a very personal thing, and maintaining it requires simple, but daily treatments. Dry shampoo is a much-loved product in recent times, and after great popular demand Moroccanoil has launched for the first time two dry shampoo formulas differentiating hair tones. The brand wanted to offer what was requested, for light tones and dark tones, and thus help each hair individually.


Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo in two formats: light and dark shades.

The product contains ultra-fine rice starches that absorb grease and odors, leaving hair voluminous and moisturized. The formula is infused with argan oil, contains UV protection and violet shades, thus perfectly balancing dark and light tones.

Size and price: 205ml – 27€ , 65ml – 11€.

Kiehl’s: Amino Acid Shampoo

Sustainable and refillable formats in beauty products are becoming increasingly important. From Kiehl’s they have made the first foray into the sustainable beauty of the future by introducing Kiehl’s Refillable Bags & Refill-A-Bottle. In the collection we find the Amino Acid Shampoo, created with all-natural products. They want to strengthen recycling and reduce waste that affects the environment. The new refillable formats save 80% more plastic than single-use containers, and contain 2 to 5 times the formula of a standard 250 ml bottle. Like any other product of the brand, these containers can be taken to the store and recycled again.


Amino Acid Shampoo is available in its new refillable format.

The Refillable Bags collection contains body, hair and hygiene products, with an all-natural shampoo that cleanses and moisturizes with the best components. The Amino Acid Shampoo is perfect for any type of hair, formed thanks to coconut oil, and helps to give body and volume to the hair.

Size and price: 75 ml – 11€, 250 ml – 20€, 500 ml – 30,50€, 1L – 52€.

Davines: A Single Shampoo 

Rosemary, which grows along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, gives off an intense aroma that comes from its leaves rich in special oils. From them, many cosmetics and natural pharmacy and perfumery products are made. The Davines firm Davines has a natural shampoo made from this oil, A Single Shampoo, one of the most awarded and recognized of the brand thanks to its multiple benefits for the hair.


A Single Shampoo is naturally produced from rosemary oil.

With 95% of ingredients of natural origin and 98% biodegradable formula, without dyes, silicones and ingredients of animal origin, hydrates in depth and promotes elasticity. Its aroma is 100% natural and reminds us of the Mediterranean, not only obtained with rosemary oil, but also lavender, cedar wood and geranium. Its daily use is perfect for the hair, it does not dirty and maintains it. In addition, it is totally sustainable, due to its natural ingredients, and its totally recyclable packaging.

Size and price: 250ml – 26,25€, 1000ml – 79,25€.

Moroccanoil: All In One Conditioner 

Hair should always be moisturized, protected and detangled, and you can find many conditioners that allow this. Moroccanoil has several products that offer hydration and protection individually, but they also have a multitasking spray. The conditioner leave-in all-in-one conditioner is perfect for any hair type, nourishing and softening hair for up to 72 hours..


All-in-one conditioner, moisturizes, protects and nourishes hair quickly and easily.

Its formula is created in a light and milky way, containing antioxidant-rich argan oil, pure amino acids for increased strength and a nourishing blend of superfoods and naturally derived sugars. It is just as easy and quick to use, spray onto clean hair, towel dry gently and brush through. The conditioner can be used the next day to refresh the hair, as all the components that compose it act against dehydration..

Size and price: 50 ml – 13,31€, 160ml – 30,25€.

Shiseido: Sencience Balance Conditioner

Conditioner is a perfect complement after using a good shampoo, and Shiseido has a line of products and collections in which we find it. Balance Condicioner is one of them, perfect and useful for any type of hair, which moisturizes, softens and detangles. It has been made with a formula enriched with milk thistle extract, vitamin B5 and natural sugars.

Brands are increasingly working at a technological level, and these products have been developed and reinforced with the vitalock-6 complex. An exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals, sugars, lipids and proteins, which help repair, nourish and moisturize.


From left to right: Balance Shampoo and Balance Conditioner

As we already know, in summer exposure to high temperatures damages our hair and skin, and thanks to this type of masks we facilitate the deep hydration that hair needs. Its use is very simple, after washing the hair, the moisture is removed delicately with the towel. Apply, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.

On the other hand, it can also be applied as a night treatment or protective treatment. The first is applied when the hair is already dry and left to act overnight, and the second is also applied dry and rinsed as desired.

Size and price:100 ml – 2,65€, 300 ml – 7,95€.

Apotecari: Rahua Elixir 

Apotecari continues to push forward with natural hair care products. Rahua Elixir, made with a blend of ungurahua and Rahua nut oils, features a powerful concentrated formula that provides shine and strength to the hair. Now in summer dryness, air conditioning and the direct effects of the sun damage the hair, and these products are perfect to counteract. The Rahua oil penetrates deep into the hair root, and the Omega 3 fatty acids it contains strengthen the hair follicle and keep it rooted.


Small bottle of Rahua Elixir Oil

The use of the product can be done in two ways, on the one hand, daily use, applying 1 to 3 drops, or intensive use, in which the oil is applied to the hair and massaged delicately. Once the scalp is completely impregnated just let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse. This intensive treatment is important to repeat it after 2 to 4 weeks to observe how the hair becomes stronger.

Size and price: 30 ml – 160€.

Shiseido: Renew Advance Shine Serum

Looking for products for dry and dull hair, the Shiseido brand also has serums perfect for nourishing and shining hair. Renew Advance Shine has a formula enriched with argan oil, coix seed extract, vitamin E, vitamin A, silicones and silk proteins that penetrate the fiber and seal the cuticle.


Senscience Renew Advance Shine


Its use is applied to dry hair, distributing the product delicately, especially on the ends to repair, and the rest to control frizz. The result is a silky and shiny hair, it does not need rinsing and does not leave a greasy feeling in the hair.

Size and price: 50 ml – 23,56€ 


Images courtesy of Balmain, Davines, Kiehl’s, Moroccanoil, Apotecari, Shiseido.

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