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Beauty, gastronomy, culture, shopping malls and nature; Qatar is the destination that is going to become fashionable in 2022, and here we tell you all about it in detail.

One of the most sought after factors when traveling, not only for the experience and beauty, but also for the learning that one acquires, is the diversity and cultural variety of a city, country, town or community. In addition, a place that can be visited in 3 or 4 days is perfect and affordable for any long weekend or mini-vacation.

Well, then Qatar is our destination. It combines Arab tradition with today’s modernity, without losing the essence and, although in reality this city is not huge, it harbors treasures, culture, activities and landscapes that are a must see, they will surprise us at every turn..


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A must, one of those you want to come back to;

On the one hand, leisure and gastronomy play an essential role in every street and corner. Contrary to what many people think, Qatar is full of activities to do, in fact, we would need twice as many hours every day to be able to do them all… And we would still be short!

One of the mandatory stops is the Qatar Souk, located in Doha, situated in the Al Souq district, a Bedouin market restored in 2004 following, always, the Qatari architecture. .

Zoco de Doha Qatar - MagazineHorse

Doha Souk, Qatar

Then, as we said, there is the Qatar Quartier, also located in Doha, a neighborhood inspired by Venice! It is very famous and perfectly designed, its architecture is beautiful. Of course, the Shoppings are one of the most famous spaces, there are complexes of all sizes and all kinds of stores, from luxury shopping malls, to more familiar ones. A curiosity… air conditioning comes out of the floor grilles, to be able to withstand the impossible heat in summer.

Qatar Quartier barrio veneciano - MagazineHorse

Qatar Quartier, the Venetian quarter of Qatar

We could talk about restaurants for hours, but let’s focus on the most acclaimed places to eat in Qatar, the Bibo, for example, located in Al Gassar Resort, Doha, from Spanish chef Dani Garcia.


Bibo Restaurant, whose head chef is Dani Garcia.

The Noburestaurantat the 4 Seasons, the Diplomatic St. Morimoto, an internationally recognized Japanese located in the 5-star Mondrian Doha hotel,Smat, a very special place of original Qatari dishes; located in the Orient Pearl Restaurant and finally, Vertigo, an extreme restaurant where, apart from eating, we will live an experience… vertigo! It can be found at Banyan Tree Doha.

Culture, an indispensable and different “must”.

Another of Qatar’s pearls are the museums, another wow factor that many people don’t expect to find. And the most authentic and interesting thing is that, one of them, the Museum of Islamic Art, next to Mia Park, brings together the largest collection of Islamic art from 3 continents, with truly unique and stunning pieces..


Museum of Islamic Art

Next door, the Qatar National Museum, facing the southern end of the Al Corniche promenade in Doha, is dedicated to the Qatari people, so that everyone who visits it can learn about its history, the culture it houses, the country’s journey, it is a natural and close way to be able to admire its people.

Lago exterior museo nacional Qatar - MagazineHorse

Outdoor lake and national museum of Qatar

And not Qatar,Katara next to North Hills Park, located a 15-minute drive away, is an impressive cultural village, aiming to highlight and promote the culture and art that are so important to the city. In this cultural space there are art galleries, cinemas and an open-air theater. .

Katara villa cultural - MagazineHorse

Katara, Cultural Village

As well as one of the most important monuments, its mosque. In shades of blue and copper, a beautiful visit to an incredible architectural structure.

Mezquita Katara - MagazineHorse

Katara Mosque

We can’t forget one of Qatar’s most touristy attractions, since the beginning, famous and the result of elegant and prominent bars and nightlife venues. The hotels and villas are known for having these spaces, active at night, for chatting, sipping a cocktail or, most famously, smoking shisha..

Regency Sealine Camp

Glamping at Regency Sealine Camp

But we also know other types of night activities that are not so famous and more relaxing and unique. Hthere are even glampings in the desert, where you can spend a magical night between the dunes and the sea..

Another of the activities that can be carried out in the desert are the 4×4 routes; a private safari. Most of them are not only routes, but they encompass a unique experience. You are picked up at a point of your choice, and you head to the southern part of Qatar where you have a delicious local tea and, if you wish, you can also take a camel ride. Then you visit the great inland sea, the Khor Al Udaid, from where you can see Saudi Arabia on the horizon. And, obviously, the main attraction, an incredible route through the dunes.

Ruta 4x4 desierto Qatar - MagazineHorse

4×4 route in the desert of Qatar

Although it is difficult to compare with the Pearl Island, in Doha, an urban development project consisting of a luxury residential complex, built on marine territory. It has about 4 square kilometers of land reclaimed from the sea.

Ocio nocturno Isla de la Perla Qatar - MagazineHorse

Nightlife on the Pearl Island

It has luxurious villas, hotel complexes, stores and top restaurants and very luxurious apartment towers. Although it was inaugurated in 2012, there is no stop talking about it, and it already has many residents, but they are working so that thousands more people can stay throughout the island.

Puerto de la Isla de la Perla - MagazineHorse

Pearl Island Port

Why not, let’s talk about how to get to Qatar. It wouldn’t make sense for us to explain the wonders of the city and not document about the arrival and travel arrangements. Qatar Airwaysis the way par excellence to get to Qatar. They know the service perfectly and operate from the two main cities in Spain. Madrid has 14 direct flights a week, and Barcelona has 12 flights a week. In the summer, two more will be added in the Catalan capital, as well as another route. Qatar will also operate during the summer months in Malaga.

Qatar is not only the destination, it is also the journey.


And you can’t miss it, if this year they have promoted their QSuitefirst class experiencemore than ever. The interior is designed in burgundy and gray, and the seats are upholstered with the best materials on the market. The panels are movable and can be transformed into a social area (for families, business meetings, couples…) and when we feel like relaxing, they close and we return to an area of privacy.

For them the safety and comfort of passengers is the most important thing, that’s why it has been awarded 6 times as The Best Airline in the World, for millions of reasons: they offer unlimited changes without surcharge, and ticket refund until September 30. Plus the ability to plan trips in advance and make changes.

They have not stopped traveling in Covid-19 times in order to take passengers home.

Avión Qatar Airways - MagazineHorse

Qatar Airways aircraft

We landed at Hamad airport, in Doha, which is the closest thing to a work of art, with designer paintings, abstract shapes and sculptures to get lost in, a great welcome to the city. Because, as soon as we get off the plane, the truth is, you have to prepare yourself. The combination of culture, history, learning and beauty, you don’t find it everywhere. Although, look at the small corners and the tiniest things, there also hides the real magic.