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Written by: Mar Cinca

We all know the ombré effect, where the hair color fades from brown roots to blonde tips. Nevertheless, for those more daring, this style is already boring. Nowadays, the hit are fast color changes, usually by combining different hair colors (rainbow hair) or simply by having pink hair one week, baby blue hair the next and going back to your natural hair on the third week.

Hypothetically, this sounds great; but we are really scared of damaging our hair by changing it so often. That’s when Color & Cream from La Mota comes out to play. This new hair mask, that not only deeplu nourishes your hair and adds keratin and amino acids; but also colors it. This natural pigments fades gradually after every wash, so it’s perfect for those special events where we want a punctual change, not a permanent dye; like for New Year’s Eve.

If you want to keep the colour, it’s as easy as repeating the mask, and this way you can also carefully treat your hair.

This product covers grey hair, we can use it for fading colors or blending different shades to create a new, personalized one. It also works for every type of hair. In this color spectrum we’ll be able to find 12 shades: black, emerald, plum, violet, blu, fuchsia, red, pepper, copper, orange, honey, neutral.

Now you have decided to color your hair in surprising shades, ¿How can you choose the color that best suits you?

1. Fair skin with cool undertones


The color pink is your best ally, since it will make your pink undertones pop. Other colors that will suit your skintone are strawberry or orange.

2. Fair skin with warm undertones


In contrast with your golden undertones, you should go for blueish shades: lavender, baby blue and aqua.

3. Medium skin with warm undertones


You should go for rich colors, like an emerald green or a klein blue. If you prefer pastel colors, you can apply the hair mask and wait for it to fade a bit.

4. Dark skin with warm undertones


Deeper and darker shades will be the ones that blend better with your skintone, such as ruby, emerald or violet.

Color & Cream LA MOTA 200ml PVP 29€