Very few inventions in Spain have achieved a result as useful, aesthetic, practical, endearing and transcendent as that presented in 1961 by the Catalan designer and architect born in Madrid, Rafael Marquina i Audouard. We are talking about a classic and almost totemic piece in our country, the anti-drip oil cruet that gave Marquina the first Golden Delta prize awarded by the ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design) in that year.

Rafael Marquina i Audouard in 2010 with his famous invention that does not drip.

This year, and as part of the celebration of the three decades of history of the prestigious house of design rugs, which maganes his daughter Nani Marquina, the family, full of the sentimental value that this work entails, has relaunched the beautiful oil cruet with some slight modifications.

The author’s signature has been added to the base of the 2017 edition of the setrill (Catalan word for oil cruet), in order to guarantee its authenticity, because this product is one of the most copied and versioned within the Spanish design. It has also been made a little more flattened than the original model. The spout is lower, which improves the stability and accuracy of the flow. Finally, an aesthetic cold cut was made in the mouth of the funnel.

Detail of the signature of its creator in the base of the new Nanimarquina oil cruet.

“My father became obsessed with the idea of creating an oil cruet that would not drip, because my grandmother gave him a gentle blow on the head every time he let the oil drip and stain the tablecloth. Thanks to this frustration, his invention was born” says his daughter Nani, a successful textile entrepreneur from Barcelona.

Nani Marquina also says that the first time that his father had to show the prototype of the oil cruet in which he was working in his first international congress, part of the audience booed at him, what hurt him deeply.

This revolutionary Setrill was born in 1961 as a result of the author’s personal frustration.

The Marquina oil cruet that by design, elegance and practicality could be present in the best gastronomic establishments of our country, unfortunately has been relegated to a private use, due to a controversial law of the Spanish Government that since 2014 prohibits oil cruets and other refillable containers in bars and restaurants.

This new edition of the setrill, and after great celebrations in Milan, New York and Barcelona, ​​arrives as part of the 30th anniversary of Nanimarquina.

Nani Marquina, daughter of Rafael and heiress of the design talent in the family.

“It’s a symbolic act, a return to the origin and a tribute to my father, ” says Nani .” In our family, we share the same history and values,” she adds. 

“Also the component of the artisan manufacture that fascinated my father, is something that unites the rugs that I create with the essence of what was always his work”, she points out.

The expert in rugs also points out that there have been many commercial synergies, where a lot of the selling points of her rugs, have already felt the need to also sell her father’s oil cruet. Soon it will be available for sale also through the website for a price close to € 50.